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Oregano has been used throughout Thyme as a great remedy...

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Thank you Walter. Your strength and drive are an inspiration.

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I was not aware of thymols benefits. Thanks for sharing.

Although I commonly mix thyme oil with manuka essential oil and diffuse it in my living room. Especially if others in the house have an infection of sorts including covid. (Twice now and both times I have escaped infection myself)

So anecdotally the method seems to work.

I suspect it may minimize the ability of respiratory viruses to transmit through the air itself as the two different types of droplets interact in suspension, or infect the upper respiratory tract as these antiviral particles from the essential oils are inhaled and line the mucosa. As the antiviral properties in those essential oils (especially manuka essential oil) are reasonably well documented now. I wondered why this isn't a common or cheap method used in a variety of settings.

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Much appreciated, Walter. There are many pieces of the puzzle. To my neurosurgeon eye, the Pollock looks like Tau tangles in Alzheimer’s plaques: https://nba.uth.tmc.edu/neuroscience/m/s4/chapter10.html

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Already been taking it to prevent covid as part of Grouf's protocol.

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Walter, were you aware that Nicholas Maduro of Venezuela touted a covid remedy of carvocal and thymol as early as March of 2021? He was the first to be deplatformed, but if you look at the case data for Venezuela you'll see it's the lowest in SA

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With utmost respect - have you run this by your peers and what has been the reaction? Just curious as what you state seems to make enormous sense - I print many of these articles and mail them to doctors who refuse to consider alternate opinions

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FWIW, here are a number of Quercetin-related papers on these topics:

Quercetin in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: Another Brick in the Senolytic Wall


Quercetin protects against pulmonary oxidant stress via heme oxygenase-1 induction in lung epithelial cells


Quercetin Attenuates Acute Lung Injury Caused by Cigarette Smoke Both In Vitro and In Vivo


Quercetin improves hypoxia-ischemia induced cognitive deficits via promoting remyelination in neonatal rat


Quercetin Alleviates Demyelination Through Regulating Microglial Phenotype Transformation to Mitigate Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Mice with Vascular Dementia


Quercetin prevents necroptosis of oligodendrocytes by inhibiting macrophages/microglia polarization to M1 phenotype after spinal cord injury in rats


Protective Effect of Quercetin on Renal Tubular Cells and the Involvement with the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone Axis


Quercetin is able to alleviate TGF‑β‑induced fibrosis in renal tubular epithelial cells by suppressing miR‑21


Isoquercetin as an Anti-Covid-19 Medication: A Potential to Realize [see section, "On Anticoagulant Activity"]


Therapeutic Potential of Quercetin to Alleviate Endothelial Dysfunction in Age-Related Cardiovascular Diseases


Role of Flavonoids in DNA Damage and Carcinogenesis Prevention


The Anti-Cancer Effect of Quercetin: Molecular Implications in Cancer Metabolism


Quercetin inhibits hydrogen peroxide-induced DNA damage and enhances DNA repair in Caco-2 cells


Quercetin in the Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus Infections: A Focus on SARS-CoV-2


And finally a tweet from a doc who has used Quercetin to treat his covid patients.

"quercetin implicates the mast cell. It blocks the receptor responsible for anaphylactoid reactions (anaphylaxis-like but without IgE)--the MRGPRX2 receptor. There are lots of basic secretagogues that can activate MRGPRX2. The mast cell can cause many weird symptoms. Many poorly defined syndromes, eg chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc may reflect mast cell activation (like MCAS itself). Allergic rhinitis and the common cold, as well as asthma, may all start with the mast cell. All are potentially blockable with quercetin."


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Thanks for the recommendations!

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Your insights are fascinating. I just stumbled onto your sub stack the other day. Although I have no science background, I’m learning a lot from your posts. You clearly have a mind meant for solving mysteries.

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The impressionist artist Claude Monet was purported to see in UV light.


Then perhaps, he could have depicted the chaos caused by SARS-CoV2

Protective Effect of Carvacrol on Oxidative Stress and Cellular DNA Damage Induced by UVB Irradiation in Human Peripheral Lymphocytes


“Thymol and Thymus Vulgaris L. activity against UVA- and UVB-induced damage in NCTC 2544 cell line”


There is also a cardiocutaneous disorder called Naxos disease associated with ARVD and thickening of the skin on the palms of the hand (hyperkeratosis) in which calcium dependent adhesion molecules called desmosomes become dysfunctional in both the heart and skin.


UVB causes hyperkeratosis via NLRP3 inflammation.

“skin inflammation and hyperkeratosis from UVB irradiation”


And, so does Ozone!

“Involvement of the nuclear structural proteins in aging-related responses of human skin to the environmental stress”


Myelin dysregulation is also related to UVR - which is evident in MS.

Low UVB rather than low Vit D per se, is associated with the demyelination in MS.

Myelin has been viewed as an insulator, though essentially it acts as a capacitor that can store a large amount of charge and energy

Multiple sclerosis (MS) and neurodegeneration: cause and ...

If a charged object has a sharp point, ie the spike protein, then the gasses around that point will be at a much higher gradient than elsewhere. So gasses near the electrode become ionized.

And from an embryological POV we might also expect the effects of UVB light on neural cells to be very similar to its effect on other ectoderm/neural crest derived cells - these include neurons, glia, smooth muscle, bone, melanocytes, as well as skin.


MTHFR Mutations are associated with abnormal homocysteine and folate metabolism


Homocysteine is a marker for vascular inflammation & coronary artery calcification via endothelial damage,⬆️ ROS, and ⬇️ glutathione peroxidase activity, all of which are associated with Covid pathology and diabetes.

And folate has been implicated in the evolution of skin colour.


Which clearly has a link with environmental UVR and Vit D

Beta cell trans differentiation is also associated with diabetes as well as pancreatic cancer.

This can also be affected by light - Blue light!

Blue light carries the information/energy for Growth - which is stimulated by the Stress of UV light!



One day soon we will fully understand how the information of life is painted using the different “colours” of photonic energy.

Light Shapes Life!

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Amyloid build up from all the apoptosis, even from pyroptosis alone, would be considerable, especially in those who have sustained several month long transfection of modified Wuhan SP inducing PseudoMethylUridine TLR "dampening" altered mRNA gene the-rapy in an unacceptably toxic LNP delivery mechanism.

Fibrins and fibrosis are primarily formed from amyloids.

Excessive amyloid deposits are problematic...

Methodist Debakey Cardiovasc J. 2012 Jul-Sep; 8(3): 3–7.

doi: 10.14797/mdcj-8-3-3

PMCID: PMC3487569

PMID: 23227278

The Amyloidoses: Clinical Features, Diagnosis and Treatment

Kelty R. Baker, M.D.a and Lawrence Rice, M.D.b


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Ricola cough drops, Olbas cough drops, and Vic's vapor rub or menthol thymol humidifier essential oils. All work wonderfully for any cough, cold, or flu. Natural mouth wash and gargle too.

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Thanks for sharing these clues with us. Why do you list naked URLs instead of linking them to an article title? It’s annoying when Substack’s text-to-speech reads a URL.

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Might what you are suggesting explain the fibrous blood clots that embalmed are reporting?

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It will be interesting to compare jabbed vs unjabbed epigenetic mapping to see if there are noticeable differences

Epigenetic changes can alter gene expression and even make cells behave like other cell types.

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