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thanks walter for all your dedication and hard work, and please, please do not give up on us.

even if we do not know realize it yet, we need you!!

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This is a serious question. We repeatedly hear about the mysterious (at least to me) problem of 'Long Covid'. Leaving apart the fact I believe it's often a case of 'Long Vaccine', can someone explain how it works ... if you go to a doctor with a case of, for example, myocarditis, as a result of Covid (or a side effect of the vaccines but thats another matter), what are you suffering from, Long Covid or myocarditis? I feel L/Covid is being used as a catch all when it might make more sense to say you have "Covid induced myocarditis", or "vaccine induced myocarditis", not the vague "Long Covid" which could be just about anything - or nothing

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This is so weird. I just heard about a 40 year old musician, not jabbed (not sure if he had covid) who fell down and wasn't breathing and his heart wasn't beating..they rescued him with CPR for 11 minutes and then shocked his heart back with the defillibration machine. The doctors could find no damage and no reason for his heart to have stopped

I am covid recovered, but not with long covid. This scares the crap out of me.

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This short composition called "Takotsubo" will get your catecholamine level down:


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1. Could all those symptoms be manifestations of issues related to mast cell activation?



Mast Cell Activation in Brain Injury, Stress, and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Alzheimer's Disease Pathogenesis

"...Mast cells play a crucial role in the peripheral inflammation as well as in neuroinflammation due to brain injuries, stress, depression, and PTSD. Therefore, mast cells activation in brain injury, stress, and PTSD may accelerate the pathogenesis of neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases including AD."


Mast Cells in Stress, Pain, Blood-Brain Barrier, Neuroinflammation and Alzheimer’s Disease


Mast cell‑mediated neuroinflammation may have a role in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (Review)


Activated brain mast cells contribute to postoperative cognitive dysfunction by evoking microglia activation and neuronal apoptosis


Mast cells' involvement in inflammation pathways linked to depression: evidence in mastocytosis


Mast Cells, Stress, Fear and Autism Spectrum Disorder


2. And is that why many papers indicate promise for Quercetin, because it seems to be a mast cell stabilizer? And why this doc appears to have had success treating with it?


"quercetin implicates the mast cell. It blocks the receptor responsible for anaphylactoid reactions (anaphylaxis-like but without IgE)--the MRGPRX2 receptor. There are lots of basic secretagogues that can activate MRGPRX2. The mast cell can cause many weird symptoms. Many poorly defined syndromes, eg chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc may reflect mast cell activation (like MCAS itself). Allergic rhinitis and the common cold, as well as asthma, may all start with the mast cell. All are potentially blockable with quercetin."


"Some people think quercetin is a zinc ionophore. But I never had to use zinc. My hypothesis is that quercetin blocks the MRGRPX2 receptor on mast cells that's activated by basic secretagogues like the viral nucleocapsid protein, perhaps even the spike protein."


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Unfortunately I think this is a real effect. Great work putting this together Walter

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I get that you were just trying to find a "sympathetic system" diagram, and that this post is not about migraine, but the diagram gets migraine pathophysiology pretty wrong. Photophobia in migraine is not due to simple pupillary dilation.




In fact, there is debate as to whether the sympathetic or the parasympathetic system takes precedence. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29476276/

Migraine=constricted blood vessel is also wrong. Just saying.

Sorry for the distraction. Carry on, and thanks for what you do.

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Has anybody any idea what to doc o counter this sympatic overdrive?herbs?supplements?foods?teas?other?

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The vaginal constriction would be beneficial for my wife. I'm sorry for being crass as nothing about any of this should be taken lightly, however; a smile doesn't hurt every once in awhile.

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> Is Long COVID a combination of microvascular destruction and constant sympathetic overdrive?

No its the shotz

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This is fascinating, Walter!

After having been infected with EBV, some 20 years ago, I developed ME/CFS, tinnitus, brain fog ...

Now, one month after COVID, my energy levels are again fading away and my anxiety level is going through the roof. I treated the virus with everything: IVM, HCQ, vitamins, oils, minerals … you name it. I also follow a clean keto diet (no dairy, eggs, nightshades …) with grass fed lamb, organically grown fish and vegetables and occasionally raw honey. Thanks to the diet, I recovered from a terrible brain fog and increased my energy, in the past. Now, I have included 250mg of aspirin, in the middle of my only lunch, at midday.

I hope this will pass soon.

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Dear Sally, the professional

medical advice given in your situation as mentioned in your comment if as follows.

Your bp is extremely high because of the rates you wrote, it is called 'crisis hypertension (CH) This phenomene start to occure about the rates you mentioned and up.

When a symptome of CH appears, similiarly to the CH BP, you need to be seen immedeately by a doctor, or visit asap the ER, because your body, especially your organs, can be damaged severly and or permanently!

In the hospital they must find out what causes this high BP, among other things of course!

Hope you are satisfied or helped with this advice, and that you will be taking good care of yourself and wish you well!

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I am from NZ probably only exposed to Omicron which I had a mild dose back in May. Found out 3 months ago weeks ago that my BP is very high. Visit toe ED 226/104. Am taking medication but some days I can't get it down to below the 180 mark. Levels seem to be higher at night and I am conscious that it is high with head-ache and neck pain. I am not vaxed.

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Interesting line of enquiry. Maybe.

I have long been interested in a subset of rare medical conditions I refer to as the unhappy genotoxic family.

Gulf war syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, long covid, chronic Lyme disease etc. And I always suspected mitochondrial damage, especially within the nervous system and brain was the root cause of these conditions. The post exhaustion malaise. Brain fog. And a host of other symptoms stem from their inability to produce enough energy. Like a shitty old car with engine knocking or a faulty carburetor. They run and are not dead... Just not well

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UVR can also trigger TTS - as can any of the psychological stresses inflicted upon the masses over the last few years.

Highlighting the importance of the mind body connection to health and why inducing a state of fear is counterproductive.


Such “Stress” cardiomyopathy is indeed mediated via the catecholamines leading to an increase in mitochondrial uncoupling, and an increase in ROS and further mitochondrial dysfunction.

UVR is one of the primordial stressors in evolution, however, there is another more energetic and devastating primordial stress to life on earth, one which strikes at the surface and damages deep within and also causes a prolonged QT and propagates myocardial destruction.


Unsurprisingly, it induces fear and is one of the commonest phobias in the world today - Astraphobia.


As Above So Below!

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Not wanting to rubbish the notion of 'Long Covid' I believe it's use was abused by governments who tried to justify restrictions and mandates by saying if we dont do this or that, millions will get 'Long Covid', but they had little proof really and it was more scare tactics. Now doctors who can't find a specific cause of someone's problems often lump it under the Long Covid umbrella, and seeing as the majority of people will have had either the virus or the 'vaccines' or both, it's an easy diagnosis to make if you can't come up with anything else - it also allows them NOT to put the expression "caused by Covid vaccantion" on the medical forms

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