This is truly brilliant, sobering, and hopefully inspirational to medical practitioners and researchers everywhere. Thank you, dear Walter! You are doing a great service to humanity!

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Wow! Our own ribosomes are being used to turn our cells into transplants that attract the inflammatory cytokines and auto-antibodies. The resulting spike fragments turn into prions and pro-thrombin amyloids. Whereas natural immunity attacks the envelope nuclearcapsid without exposing our immune system to spike. Perfect!

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Oct 18, 2022·edited Oct 18, 2022Liked by Walter M Chesnut

thank you for all your persistent efforts for all of us ... cant quit now, got to see this to the end.

i do believe there is the hand of God in everything. keep up the hope everyone!!

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Thank you, Walter, for all your hard work!

I tried and avoided covid for one year and a half. Last month, I went through it and it downregulated my immune system, in spite of having thrown all the sink at it (IVM, HCQ, vit. D+K+Magnesium, Zinc, Quercetin, Black Cumin oil, Artemisia Annua extract, Dandelion and Licorice extracts, NAD+, Niacin, Melatonin, Butyrate, Serrapeptase, Aspirin, Probiotics …). Now, I’m dealing with two Staphylococcus Aureus (coagulasa positive&negative), Nile Virus, Haemophillus, Legionella …

Any ideas on how to get back on track? I came from chronic EBV, some 20 years ago, and its consequences (EM/CFS), so the same problem all along. Surprisingly enough, EBV did not reactivate. I had managed to treat and stabilize it, by using Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.

Any more ideas, anyone?

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I donated stem cells to a teen, who then recovered from cancer. Everything went well. They lift the communication restrictions 2 years after donation. Then this whole covid mess started. The kid was dead less than 4 weeks after a parent posted a family picture with this fully vaccinated sticker.

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Oct 20, 2022·edited Oct 20, 2022

Thank you, Teo!

I’ll go and have a look at the group. 🤗

I found a Duke Report group.

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Oct 19, 2022·edited Oct 19, 2022

Thank you for your comprehensive analysis.

Yes, I’m on a clean keto diet (no dairy, no eggs, no nightshades) and doing one meal a day. I eat some vegetables, grassfed meat and organically grown clean small fish. This kind of diet, plus the intermittent fasting, lifted my brain fog and helped a lot with fatigue.

As far as Biomagnetic Pair Therapy goes, I’m a certified practitioner and have been treating my family for more than 20 years. In fact, my two younger sons, who are 26 and 16yo, never had a medicine, not an aspirin, not an antibiotic.

About my emotional health, I did psychoanalysis for 3 years and then some other therapies. Also, homeopathy is a good way of dealing with it and I’m being treated by a certified homeopath and MD, here in Spain.

I think I am on the right path now, since I’ve been feeling better, these past two days. Fingers crossed.

Thank you so much for your help!

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I hope you find a way to improve it and feel better. ❤️

In Idaho, you have Dr. Ryan Cole, who is very invested in vaccine harm, even through shedding. He may be interested in learning about your case and your friends’ cases, even in a “pro bono” way. Please do try and reach him.

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I found you late and I thought I had a grasp on the mechanics of this thing. You are another plane Sir, I tip my hat to you and thank you for some more free education that I will put to good use.

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Wow! That’s a lot of people near you. So sorry for your suffering.

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