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This is truly brilliant, sobering, and hopefully inspirational to medical practitioners and researchers everywhere. Thank you, dear Walter! You are doing a great service to humanity!

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Wow! Our own ribosomes are being used to turn our cells into transplants that attract the inflammatory cytokines and auto-antibodies. The resulting spike fragments turn into prions and pro-thrombin amyloids. Whereas natural immunity attacks the envelope nuclearcapsid without exposing our immune system to spike. Perfect!

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thank you for all your persistent efforts for all of us ... cant quit now, got to see this to the end.

i do believe there is the hand of God in everything. keep up the hope everyone!!

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Thank you, Walter, for all your hard work!

I tried and avoided covid for one year and a half. Last month, I went through it and it downregulated my immune system, in spite of having thrown all the sink at it (IVM, HCQ, vit. D+K+Magnesium, Zinc, Quercetin, Black Cumin oil, Artemisia Annua extract, Dandelion and Licorice extracts, NAD+, Niacin, Melatonin, Butyrate, Serrapeptase, Aspirin, Probiotics …). Now, I’m dealing with two Staphylococcus Aureus (coagulasa positive&negative), Nile Virus, Haemophillus, Legionella …

Any ideas on how to get back on track? I came from chronic EBV, some 20 years ago, and its consequences (EM/CFS), so the same problem all along. Surprisingly enough, EBV did not reactivate. I had managed to treat and stabilize it, by using Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.

Any more ideas, anyone?

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Same here. Have heart issues now. 100% unvaccinated. My roommate got vaccinated and died two days after her 2nd dose. I must of been leaked on somehow. Before the lockdown started I got a cold, and a crazy rash on my chest and neck area. Tinnitus a couple months later. Heart problem, a year later. Everything is somewhat normal now, except my heart. I don’t think I’ll be around this time next year, maybe month.

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It seems like China knows better and that’s the reason for their zero-covid policies, apart from control, which is so real.

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i numbered my questions for comfortable answering & commenting (excuse my school english, i rarely have to use it):

1. My roommate got vaccinated ... Before the lockdown started I got a cold, and a crazy rash on my chest and neck area. Tinnitus a couple months later. Heart problem, a year later.

when did she "shed" you / when was this lockdown (exact dates, if possible, i need to know how long your condition persists / when exactly it started, did you have ANY SKIN issues ever before, acne/fungi/sun-burns)

2. Tinnitus. - it’s on a schedule of 3 days on 4 days off.

eventually 3.5d on & 3.5d off (please measure exact time), furthermore: both ears, differing tones, please describe more in detail (and did you ever experience ear issues before, water/cold sensitivities as just one example)

3. I do feel bloated often.

sounds like fermentation and as only 1 single (!) c19-jab (no matter which brand) seems to switch so far (>1.5y observation) irreversibly into constant fermentation within less than an hour (each further jab only increases fermentation according to my olfactory detection - i have extreme hyperosmia ever since, some like to call it parosmia, but i know exactly what causes this seemingly irrational phantom odors) it is quite likely your culprit (disastrous especially for "obligate" aerobics, meaning people who like to sport or have adhd)

4. I’ve wondered if some of it is spasms.

my guess: when thick blood stagnates/ferments in the brainstem and "neglecting" the more refined upper brain parts (responsible for striated muscles) smooth muscles get naturally over-activated, did you eventually become (more) short-sighted lately?

5. Steroids helped a bit

the google combination of steroids & smooth muscles offers resonating explanations and note: aerobe & anaerobe relate to catabolic & anabolic... (you mentioned ketosis)

6. Ivermectin wasn’t a cure all

'One man's medicine is another man's poison' - your condition sounds like anti-ivermectin in my system (but caution: i have zero medical education), the same would apply to hydroxychloroquine in your case (if i am right in my association of your symptoms)

7. The only thing that’s helped me is pretty much starving myself. Days without food and lots of water. I’ve read ketosis can help correct folded proteins. Any truth too that?

yes & no: if you are switched/stroked you can of course reduce folding by reducing eating ("starving"), but as long as you are switched you will (my estimation) continue mis-folding what you eat and sooner or later your weakest organ will become a problem

8. It sputters, like an old engine, or there’s air bubbles in the line

sounds like micro "clot-bubbles", do they somewhat correlate with the tinnitus (and what about your lungs)? (be very-very careful with physical movements which heat your body, maybe wear a pulsemeter(?) during night which alarms household members to provide first aid, care for you or call emergency if needed)

9. It’s usually towards the evening when it’s the worst.

night/sleep is natural fermentation/recreational time/period (keyword reverse transcriptase), if one is already fermenting during the daytime sleeping adds to the basic level, the reason why at some point the body as self-defense starts resisting falling into sleep more & more, using regular sleeping aids do not solve the underlying problem, like most of common medications)

serialist, i am very interested in you as you are 1. fully unvaccinated but got "injection-infected" if i get you right (this can happen to everybody with each new upcoming booster mutation, but you are the first one i come across who seemingly switched permanently by non-injected infection), 2. observant & articulate of your condition and naturally smart (reading walter honors you - i actually know no keener observer with medical background i stumbled across, the reason why i frequently sneak in, this time through the comments as well, btw: thank you @GeoffreyNewton for giving such a brief and to the point summary), 3. willing to experiment even of your own and 4. quite calm facing the possibility of death (i am not good at handling hysterical personalities)

would you mind becoming my virtual human lab rat***? do not stress: only food and maybe supplements which have to pass your tongue check (nothing to swallow without tasting/smelling beforehand, you remain in full control) but you would have to describe your reactions/issues in detail (heart rate & pressure, tinnitus etc (what about vision??), ability to sleep on belly and, of course, taste & smell). unfortunately i cannot give you any guarantee that anything will work out as intended from my side as virtual contact strips me of my dominant ability & disability at the same time --> saving me from destructive exhalations but making this reliable detection impossible as well...

***if so, following some questions to evaluate your essence and general & actual constitution (try answering unambiguously):

10. do/did you take any medications/hormones apart from mentioned Propranolol?

11. which pre-existing conditions do you have/had (genetic, operations, accidents, body-electrics, whatever)?

12. do you know your blood type(s), rhesus factor(s) & secretor status (having perhaps your aDNA checked for ancestry knowing geno vs pheno and archaic dna)?

13. are you male or female and is your index or ring finger longer regarding both hands and which is dominant (the same for your feet)?

14. which foot, eye & ear is dominant? do you have a dominant nostril?? are there colors, sound/music & odors you deeply like or dislike (or other likes-dislikes worth mentioning)?

15. without having any physical issues in theory and ignoring all existing dietary recommendations: do you prefer to take your liquids sweet(ened) or plain (especially coffee/tea/cocoa, which sweetener do you prefer and which fruit juices do you like)?

16: and last but not least (almost the most important): are you an active inhaler or active exhaler? (explanation: in case you would smoke, are you more a sucker or a blower)

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So sorry about your health issues! Have you tried any of the flccc.net protocols, in case they could be of any help? Also, try and find some Biomagnetic Pair therapist in your area. It’s the therapy that best works for me. 🤗

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The only problem left is my heart. I can deal with the Tinnitus. - it’s on a schedule of 3 days on 4 days off. Which is strange. My chest hurts all the time. Feels tight. It sputters, like an old engine, or there’s air bubbles in the line is the best way to explain it. It’s usually towards the evening when it’s the worst. I can’t lay on my stomach, or it really acts up. It started with tachycardia in the beginning. Propranolol stopped it, then it started dipping into the 45 beats per minute area. I’ve always had a low 58-60 beats per minute heart, until this. I don’t have insurance, and it’s months out to get into a cardiologist. I’ve been able to keep a job through it all, luckily. I just try to eat healthy and not overdue it for now. I’m sure I’m eventually doomed. Already had the talk with family and all that. I don’t have any weird swelling, bruising or anything with it. I do feel bloated often. I’ve wondered if some of it is spasms.

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Are you doing any intermittent or longer-term fasting? What are you doing for your diet?

That's a huge list of things you're inundating your body with, but what kind of record-keeping are you doing to track any of this? Have you had any lab analysis done on your blood (like the comprehensive test you can order for yourself from Quest Diagnostics: https://www.questhealth.com/product/comprehensive-health-profile-standard-34603.html)?

Are you doing Biomagnetic Pair therapy with a therapist or through your own self-discipline and praxis? Have you determined if there are any large magnetic fields in your home or daily paths that might be counteracting your efforts?

What about your emotional and spiritual health? How do you improve those things in your life? For a more "far out there" idea, have you ever thought to talk to the parasites, viruses, and guests causing your illnesses and ask them what they want, if they could leave you alone, and how you could come to an agreement with them to reduce their influence in your life?

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Thank you for your last idea.

I’m starting today.

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I sincerely hope you develop the health and love within your body you eagerly desire. I do not have chronic health conditions that debilitate me, but I have been very close with a number of people who do. Invariably, it is the positive and communicative love moving outwards that redeems whatever pain and humiliation and suffering felt. To me, this is an indication it's one of the things we're learning in this life: how to love beyond our means.

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Sorry to hear about it. Were you transfected (injected)?

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I wasn’t vaccinated. I was anti from the very beginning. I warned my roommate multiple times. She thought I was just a conspiracy theorist. She was also afraid of not being able to work. The night she got her 2nd dose she looked miserable. Didn’t leave her bed. I didn’t know she had got them. When I found her deceased I just knew right away. She was young and healthy. I got the cops and coroner to talk a bit, and they were saying it was constant. People dropping, or having serious issues.

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I am sorry that you went through that experience and going through your own health issues.

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So heartbreaking! 💔

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Yep. I knew of 4 others in my neighborhood alone. I was in Portland Oregon at the time. Moved back to Idaho where I grew up.

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Also, I’ve tried every single supplement out there. Steroids helped a bit. Ivermectin wasn’t a cure all. The only thing that’s helped me is pretty much starving myself. Days without food and lots of water. I’ve read ketosis can help correct folded proteins. Any truth too that?

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Not at all!

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Strange that you got so ill then. Because the Wuhan spike IS the immunogen. And that's long gone! Except for in the so called vaccine. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1627081185

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I donated stem cells to a teen, who then recovered from cancer. Everything went well. They lift the communication restrictions 2 years after donation. Then this whole covid mess started. The kid was dead less than 4 weeks after a parent posted a family picture with this fully vaccinated sticker.

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Thank you, Teo!

I’ll go and have a look at the group. 🤗

I found a Duke Report group.

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Thank you for your comprehensive analysis.

Yes, I’m on a clean keto diet (no dairy, no eggs, no nightshades) and doing one meal a day. I eat some vegetables, grassfed meat and organically grown clean small fish. This kind of diet, plus the intermittent fasting, lifted my brain fog and helped a lot with fatigue.

As far as Biomagnetic Pair Therapy goes, I’m a certified practitioner and have been treating my family for more than 20 years. In fact, my two younger sons, who are 26 and 16yo, never had a medicine, not an aspirin, not an antibiotic.

About my emotional health, I did psychoanalysis for 3 years and then some other therapies. Also, homeopathy is a good way of dealing with it and I’m being treated by a certified homeopath and MD, here in Spain.

I think I am on the right path now, since I’ve been feeling better, these past two days. Fingers crossed.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Dear Christina. If you are on the Telegram app. There is an individual from Florida (J. Perez) who told me today that he was able to defeat Longcovid. It's in today's discussion on the Duke Report Discussion Board. You could read our conversation and make up your mind if there is something of interest. I'm sure he'd help you out with information. I hope you will be able recover fully. BR Teo

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I hope you find a way to improve it and feel better. ❤️

In Idaho, you have Dr. Ryan Cole, who is very invested in vaccine harm, even through shedding. He may be interested in learning about your case and your friends’ cases, even in a “pro bono” way. Please do try and reach him.

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I found you late and I thought I had a grasp on the mechanics of this thing. You are another plane Sir, I tip my hat to you and thank you for some more free education that I will put to good use.

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Wow! That’s a lot of people near you. So sorry for your suffering.

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