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Thanks for the ongoing detective work Walter. How would the inverse correlation of Vitamin D levels to severe COVID outcomes factor into this analysis if at all?

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Despite almost universal masking in Japan indoors and out.

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2 were vaccinated twice. What about the others? Never? Once?

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As a vax injured person, I’ve had issues with my nervous system, my blood vessels hurt and a plethora of other issues. It’s nice to an explanation like this.

Walter- how would micro clotting and petechia factor into this?

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This Japanese wave has me concerned for my 91 years young mother. She has had four Vaccines to date and has remained well, thanks be to God. Knowing the current Booster was not tested on humans, I do not want her to be a guinea pig. What can I do to protect her from the Japanese variant when it gets here?

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Is this the beginning of the Bossche Mutation --- the Deadly Highly Contagious Mutation that was caused by billions of MORE-ONS injecting this leaky dog shit based vaccine into their rotting carcasses over and over and over?

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Oh my gosh, Walter! I actually just commented on your substack in the last week on something else...I’m over here in Southern California...but anyway, my mom, who is almost 70, had a dear friend, who was also about 70 years old, double jabbed & boosted (as she was a nurse working in healthcare)...she also had had type I diabetes for decades, & she recently just passed in her sleep (either late July or in August ‘22)! 🤭😞 This is so tragic! I knew it was prob related to the jabs somehow (she was even slim too & no other comorbidities). These injections are going to cause so much damage for a long time to come. Lord help us & thank you Walter!

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I did some prior research into the autonomic nervous system and how it related to snake envenomation. You would be surprised at the correlation. Below are some links and excerpts from links. To find the original source I think it would be easy just to copy the wording and paste into a search engine. Very preliminary research:

What are ictal symptoms? (sounds a lot like shot side effects?)

Middle (ictal) phase

Loss of awareness.

Memory lapse.

Felling confused.

Difficulty hearing.

Odd smells, sounds or tastes.

Difficulty speaking or saying strange words.


Loss of muscle control.

What type of seizure causes nausea?

Autonomic Seizures – These seizures are accompanied by autonomic symptoms or signs, such as abdominal discomfort or nausea, which may rise into the throat (epigastric rising), cause stomach pain, the rumbling sounds of gas moving in the intestines (borborygmi), belching, flatulence and vomiting.

Simple Partial Seizures - Epilepsy Ontario

https://epilepsyontario.org › simple-partial-seizures

How long do post ictal symptoms last?

The postictal state is a period that begins when a seizure subsides and ends when the patient returns to baseline. It typically lasts between 5 and 30 minutes and is characterized by disorienting symptoms such as confusion, drowsiness, hypertension, headache, nausea, etc.

What does an awake seizure feel like?

During a focal aware seizure, someone may: have changes in their senses, such as smell, taste, or feeling. have muscle twitching (for example, in the arms or legs on one side of the body) have head turning or eye movements.

Can the autonomic nervous system cause seizures?

A seizure can present with autonomic symptoms initially, during its propagation, or during the aftermath. These manifestations can involve the cardiovascular, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, urogenital, or endocrine systems.

How does epilepsy affect the autonomic nervous system?

Effects of epileptic discharge on the autonomic nervous system are mediated through the cortical, limbic, and hypothalamic systems. Some significant consequences of altered autonomic function include convulsive apnea, abnormal sexual function, and potentially fatal effects on the cardiovascular system.


The interactions between seizures and the autonomic nervous system (ANS) are very complex. We approach these interactions from various angles.

Ictal phase -

Abnormal neuronal electrical activity corresponding to a seizure can involve central centers for the regulation of autonomic activity. A seizure can present with autonomic symptoms initially, during its propagation, or during the aftermath - https://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1186872-overview

https://www.epilepsydiagnosis.org/seizure/autonomic-overview.html -

Focal autonomic seizures are characterized by alterations in systems controlled by the autonomic nervous system at seizure onset. These may occur with or without objective clinical signs of a seizure evident to the observer. Focal autonomic seizures can be further described using the following descriptors:

Focal autonomic seizure with palpitations / tachycardia / bradycardia / asystole

Focal autonomic seizure with epigastric sensation (upper abdominal discomfort, emptiness, tightness, churning, hunger - the feeling may rise up to the chest or throat) or with nausea / vomiting (or other gastrointestinal phenomena) - seizures with these features typically arise in the mesial temporal lobe.

Focal autonomic seizure with pallor / flushing

Focal autonomic seizure with hypoventilation / hyperventilation / altered respiration

Focal autonomic seizure with piloerection

Focal autonomic seizure with erection

Focal autonomic seizure with urge to urinate / defecate

Focal autonomic seizure with lacrimation

Focal autonomic seizure with pupillary dilation / constriction

CAUTION Ictal asystole of sufficient duration (> 5 seconds) to cause reduced brain perfusion may result in loss of body tone, stiffening and/or tonic-clonic movements.

Seizures can be caused by snake toxins in dog.... or in people... snake toxins in a vial:

https://www.thesprucepets.com/if-your-dog-has-a-seizure-1117423 - just like in people

Seizures with Autonomic Symptoms and Sudden Unexpected Death

in Epilepsy (SUDEP) - https://jag.journalagent.com/tjn/pdfs/TJN_25_3_109_116[A].pdf - important to review IMHO

Dysautonomia: Symptoms, Causes, Types, & How to Live With https://my.clevelandclinic.org

Jul 10, 2020 — Dysautonomia refers to a group of medical conditions caused by problems with the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

Dysautonomia -A dysfunction of the nerves that regulate nonvoluntary body functions, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and sweating.

What causes dysautonomia flare ups?

Patients can also experience flare ups of their symptoms which are usually caused by some sort of trigger such as heat, pain, stress, overexertion and several others. Some of the most common symptoms include: Difficulty standing upright-especially for long periods of time.

What kind of doctor treats autonomic dysfunction?

These tests are usually done by a doctor who specializes in digestive disorders (gastroenterologist). Quantitative sudomotor axon reflex test. This test checks how the nerves that manage your sweat glands respond to stimulation.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield connected autism to digestive disorders didn't he?

Watch video in this... https://www.aurorahealthcare.org/services/neuroscience/neurology/neurological-

conditions/dysautonomia - sounds exactly the side effects of vaccine

https://academic.oup.com/qjmed/article/106/9/865/1530481 - Snakebite, dysautonomia and central nervous system signs Excerpt: "In a study of common krait bites, 139 of 210 victims (66%) exhibited autonomic dysfunction (AD), which was more marked in those with severe envenomation.

https://link.springer.com/referenceworkentry/10.1007/978-94-007-6410-1_23 - Snake Venom Toxins Targeted at the Nervous System

Good search term for more info: autonomic nervous system snake envenomation

I think Dr. Ardis is now recommending a supplement called CDP-Choline. Please check his web site about it.

It is my opinion (everyone should do their own research) that the misregulation of the autonomic nervous system is caused by the shots with the use of snake venom. I do believe in Dr. Ardis' theory. Medical term for its failure: Dysautonomia which can have severe health consequences.

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Talked with a gentleman yesterday who told me his wife, boosted twice, caught covid last May and within 5 days after, she passed. She did have a heart ailment of some kind. I wondered if it was the jabs that really took her??

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Walter - On a systemic level all these symptoms can be explained by hypercalcaemia

Symptoms include:

* Fatigue

* Confusion

* Psychosis

* loss of appetite

* weight loss

* excessive thirst

* excessive urination

* Dehydration

* Constipation

* irritability, nervousness

* Tinnitus

* muscle weakness

* nausea, vomiting

* dizziness

* confusion, disorientation

* high blood pressure

* heart arrhythmias

At the cellular level Voltage gated calcium channels VGCC and an influx of calcium triggered by a change in the voltage of the cell membrane is the response to stress by the nervous system.

“More than a pore: How voltage-gated calcium channels act on different levels of neuronal communication regulation”



Calcium plays a key role in the autonomic nervous system


It also plays a role in photosynthesis


And UVB dysregulates calcium homeostasis

UVB irradiation-induced dysregulation of plasma membrane calcium ATPase1 and intracellular calcium homeostasis in human lens epithelial cells



Blue green algae aka Cyanobacteria like most algae are very good at producing calcium!

“Algae naturally uses sunlight, water, and dissolved carbon dioxide to produce the largest amounts of new calcium carbonate, the primary material in limestone”.


Signs of blue-green algae toxicity includes:

* Seizures

* Panting

* Excessive drooling

* Respiratory failure

* Diarrhea

* Disorientation

* Vomiting

* Liver failure 

* Ultimately death 


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Nice work! And the CHOLINERGIC ANTI-INFLAMMATORY REFLEX, this has been a major confounder and my issue of concern from early on. Molecular mimicry as in the S acting as an antagonist, disabling the ones that need it the most. Could the viral load overwhelm the negative feedback mechanism, and cause constant antagonism of the CAP, thats what I believe is an issue. And what does furin do, when its normal, hmmm ..., hmm thats odd, thats a concept!! vWF,MK, Genetic predisposition. After multiple inquires with hematologists, no one has answered the question as to what is the notable difference in vWF in MKs and endothelial cells as their respective properties. Early on, the research said " no need to look at the bone marrow", WOW, at that point, I knew they were hiding something!! WHY?? The cell lines have been mutated and or influenced by emergency erythropoiesis. Im Done Peace.

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Thank you. I do tell her I love her every day. While I too am marked only God knows our expiration date. I try to keep focused on the good and positive in life, which there is so much of.

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The Hypothalamus is truly the brain to the ANS.

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Just go on! Peace!

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Walter - I know you don't like the graphene hypothesis, but graphene has been found in ALL Covid vaccines, as well as recent non-Covid vaccines, including 2021 and 2022 Afluria flu shots in New Zealand.

If Andreas Noack was right about how harmful graphene is - in the video released just before he was killed - then the same epithelial damage that you attribute to spike protein could also be caused by graphene. If this is the case, non-Covid vaccinations could fully explain the 27 deaths of Japanese children not vaccinated for Covid, especially since 8 of them were babies that (almost guaranteed) recently received vaccines.

Andreas Noack's graphene video:


Graphene in Afluria flu shots (as well as Pfizer's Covid jabs) in New Zealand:


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