Start with a keto diet.

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Walter you are a genius. I wrote to 3 Universities in Australia highlighting the importance of your research and asking for reply. Zero replies. You are so much above the capacities of people that work at certain universities that when they read you research they fear the existential primal fear of loosing their job security, ability to provide for their families and they just ignore it. Their "excuse" is there are "protocols" to follow. It is such a generic statement that does not account for the current moment in time which requires innovation. Innovation is recognised as "value" in Australian Public Service and most universities but ...there are so many ways to tick the boxes that ultimately it comes down to whether or not somebody IS a DECENT human being or NOT. Laws can't mandate decency most of the time. They DO NOT CARE if millions could have been saved, they are paid to fulfil their liquid KPIs. Tragic. Criminal. You are a genius.

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You have been proven correct many times. Great interview with JJC this week!

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Dr Been and Dr Merik did a video for FLCCC that IF is basically the ONLY way to get the spikes out of your body. My brain felt really weird/ foggy post CoVid (fairly mild acute Omicron infection but I knew it was in my brain because I lost my sense of smell for a few days) and when I saw their video I switched to eating One Meal a Day and fasting 22+ hours a day. It’s definitely working and I am not eating Keto yet. I bought Dr Jason Fung’s fasting book and read that and will try some longer fasts as well once I am adapted to eating this way. Brain better.

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B hydroxybutyrate works because it's a mast cell stabilizer

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I am afraid that saving lives was NOT on the agenda... quite the opposite.

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Walter, most of the time I can’t really grasp the entirety of what you are saying but I do recognize and respect your efforts and brilliance. Thank you. You have been a gift to humanity these last couple of years.

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The spike protein of Sars-Cov-2 is a prion. Therefore, the ANTIDOTE must be an alpha helix prion (laevorotatory prion), since the virulence is caused by a dextrorotatory prion (beta sheet).







Since Omicron is Mers-Cov-2 (50% of the genome of Sars-Cov-2 is Mers-Cov), its prion domain has not yet been activated. Here is the Omicron-Delta recombinant variant:

https://github.com/cov-lineages/pango-designation/issues/844 (BA.5/AY.45)

Utilizing deattenuation, Omicron was used to lift the restrictions so that the events which have taken place since February would happen without curtailments. That is, Omicron is a variant which will only be active up to the start of the war in the middle east.

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Have you read this paper? https://doi.org/10.15252/emmm.202114323

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My son age 16, (unvaxxed) is now on his third covid infection. All infections have been relatively mild, but have lasted much longer than others and have taken his immune system way down. This has left him susceptible to other infections such as the flue. We live in a high vax area and he is subject to continous exposure through school and community. He lives a healthy lifestyle, eats right and is an athlete. This has been very disturbing and discouraging. Would he benefit from the supplementing of bhb like mentioned here? It has been very difficult to get help for my son as the traditional medical system refuses to acknowledge the impact of spike protein. It is a third rail subject that can't be touched. Thank you to all the researchers working on this topic.

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We follow a ketogenic diet at home and so far so good, my husband, my youngest son and I are still virus free. We’re ready with all the recommended treatments, just in case. Fingers crossed! 🤞

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I fully understand, support and encourage the use of the therapeutic keto diet during illness, however, the population with these chronic diseases are more often than not resistant to the suggestion of dietary change.

If it were only the patients who are resistant to change it would be one thing, but the providing institutions are uneducated and obstinate in regard to investigating therapies. Medical practitioners and institutions and each subspecialty and governing board would have to implement massive changes.

Then you would also make it profitable, healthcare is finance centered, not patient centered.

You are right Walter, but business doesn't care. People can afford to be compassionate, the healthcare industry only feign it.

God bless you, truthful people believe and admire your work.

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I remember. I was reading your take on it ages ago--your post on it was something I was looking specifically for--and I was hoping scientists were doing more research on it. Many people who were sick with Covid wrote on Reddit or Facebook how sugar made them feel extra sick or worsened their symptoms. I also read the study on how if you were overweight or obese you developed non-neutralising antibodies. But I was more intrigued about the mitochondria and did ketosis protect it.

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Could this increased glycolysis and decreased oxidative phosphorylation indicate impending cancer?

Many (including me) believe that cancer starts as a metabolic disease (Warburg hypothesis among others).

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Hi Walter.

"In humans, D-β-hydroxybutyrate can be synthesized in the liver via the metabolism of fatty acids (e.g., butyrate), β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate, and ketogenic amino acids through a series of reactions that metabolize these compounds into acetoacetate, which is the first ketone body that is produced in the fasting state."

"The concentration of β-hydroxybutyrate in human blood plasma, as with other ketone bodies, increases through ketosis."

"The concentration of β-hydroxybutyrate in blood plasma is measured through a test that uses β-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase, with NAD+ as an electron-accepting cofactor. The conversion of β-hydroxybutyrate to acetoacetate, which is catalyzed by this enzyme, reduces the NAD+ to NADH"

"These electron transfer reactions are the main function of NAD. However, it is also used in other cellular processes, most notably as a substrate of enzymes in adding or removing chemical groups to or from, respectively, proteins, in posttranslational modifications. Because of the importance of these functions, the enzymes involved in NAD metabolism are targets for drug discovery.

In organisms, NAD can be synthesized from simple building-blocks (de novo) from either tryptophan or aspartic acid, each a case of an amino acid; alternatively, more complex components of the coenzymes are taken up from nutritive compounds such as niacin"

Many covid protocols involve niacin. Looks like you found reason why exactly.

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What do you think of inducing autophagy as a strategy?

Fasting induces both ketosis and autophagy, might this help with the amyloidosis?

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