Great write up Walter but I think I will stick to natural remedies...anything manufactured by big pharma make me want to run the other way !

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walter - take it more easy. you cant come up with a different solution every friday. do what you feel like and do not feel pressured to find something for friday. this is not easy, and what you are up against has been at works for decades ... no worries. as always, many thanks for all you do!!!

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Stay with these Walter.

Liposomal Curcumin

Liposomal Quercetin






Sleep & Sunshine 🌞.

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You might want to tell the whole story...


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It makes sense. Since EBV reactivation is the most probable cause for long-covid and EBV is also present in every patient with MS, it seems that EBV is a powerful link between them.

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Have you looked at the potential side effects? Chasing one toxin out by introducing another??

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Approximately 8 years ago l became very unwell with a “pseudomona” .. as it was labelled .. l suffered serious respiratory illness .. l was living on a remote peninsula surrounded by rivers. My home was heated by an air source heat pump giving out horrific readings on my electromagnetic radiation meters. This may be incidental .. however, during this time l walked my dogs in a low country path between two fields .. the field on the right of me was being sprayed .. however, the spray arm went over the pathway and doused me in Glyphosates - killed one of my dogs outright and almost me .. several months in hospital in an isolation room .. this may be incidental .. however EVERYONE living around me became seriously unwell .. l started speaking to a Research Scientist l knew at University College London .. she spilled “the beans” .. l was totally shocked to learn that a “virus” had been “found” on the peninsular where l lived. My treatment was “cloak and dagger” l was given a drug of last resort .. Pipercillan Tazobactum, Magnesium by IV and oxygen .. l was literally at deaths door .. the hospital insisted that my room was “flushed out” daily with Chlorahexedine and l was washed in it. The drugs were kept in a secure warehouse well away from the hospital. I was advised to speak to no one if l wanted to receive “the treatment” .. I was eventually released home and my friend had to go to a “special chemist” who could access this drug from “the warehouse” it was again administered to me on two occasions along with another l have no recall of .. I watched people dying around me ..

This is the first time l have spoken out about this openly but the symptoms l had were those of a serious “virus” which was “apparently” being tested in more remote locations .. There is much more to tell - l have only scratched the surface .. but l know now that l was also suffering from radiation poisoning .. l have never fully recovered and am bedridden much of the time - l have been “spoken to” on a number of occasions in a threatening manner by Health Security Officials including a deputation from Porton Down! I work when l can now as an activist in the belief that the huge amount of contacts l have who are prepared to speak out need support in sharing the TRUTH .. l do not have relatives now and have no responsibilities regarding my children who have grown and flown to far flung places .. If l can use and share the knowledge l have in whatever remains if my life - then that is my mission! I believe wholly and without any doubt whatsoever that l along with others living where l did were part of “a trial” for what was to come .. as for the vaccine, GP’s and Hospitals now .. l run a mile and use herbalists, naturopaths, follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle and endeavour to keep busy playing my piano ( hell l will master Prokofiev 🤣) l have many wonderful soirée evenings where l will cook and entertain my like minded friends for great debate, fun, laughter and music whilst sharing what we have to share ..

My message to ALL of you who are making a difference, taking unimaginable risks everyday to do so is KEEP FIGHTING you BRAVE WARRIORS! We have done 3 years and we can DO MANY MORE God Willing 🙏🏻 Stay safe my deaf brothers and sisters!

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How would you get on any of this. Doctors are still on the run from vaxx questions. I'll be dead long before.

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Thanks so much, Walter!

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Sorry Walter

This one won't work if you have to line up for an IV bad

Too many people in need. Not enough locations to administer.

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How does one distinguish between long-covid and 'vaccine' injury, given that the production of S-proteins by the 'vaccine' doesn't attenuate at anything like the rate we've been told, in fact I can find no reference to an actual mechanism that would cause attenuation. We're just told that it does. Is it not possible that S-protein production from the 'vaccine' accounts for most long-covid cases? This suggests that in some cases, S-protein production is continuous, perhaps as a result of the mRNA being incorporated into cell DNA (speculative).

How many long-covid cases were identified prior to the 'vaccines' being introduced? Is it not true that most CV infections are respiratory only, especially when treated properly in the initial phase, and that it only becomes systemic in vulnerable populations such as diabetics, the aged and obese? If true, then what's being called 'long-covid' may actually be the result of the 'vaccine' and not a continuation of the viral infection, which in most cases never becomes systemic. One clue would be to compare long-covid patient profiles (age, general health, etc) to patients with the above preconditions for systemic outcomes to see if there's a correlation. Has this been done?

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I fully healed long covid by dry fasting with Yannick Wolfe. Something to look into Walter.

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Man, you just can’t slow down. This is fascinating, and hopeful. The big problem I worry about is getting a trial started on this. Since we’re talking “long Covid” and not “vax injuries” (wink wink)who knows?

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side effects look sketch. promising if shit really hits fan, but then how would one acquire?

was chasing Covid/HIV GP120 rabbit holes again recently, when these came up in a fact check:



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As always, THANK YOU~

Off point....


IgE Synth




HEART ATTACKS, STROKE ARE CAUSED BY VACCINE-INDUCED AUTOIMMUNITY Latest findings confirm atherosclerotic plaque is the result of an autoimmune process. Your immune system attacks the arterial wall. Thus vaccines are the #1 killer. https://nature.com/articles/s4416

Published: 23 February

https://www.nature.com/articles/s44161-023-00218-wy 2023

Pairing of single-cell RNA analysis and T cell antigen receptor profiling indicates breakdown of T cell tolerance checkpoints in atherosclerosis

Atherosclerotic plaques form in the inner layer of arteries triggering heart attacks and strokes. Although T cells have been detected in atherosclerosis, tolerance dysfunction as a disease driver remains unexplored. Here we examine tolerance checkpoints in atherosclerotic plaques, artery tertiary lymphoid organs and lymph nodes in mice burdened by advanced atherosclerosis, via single-cell RNA sequencing paired with T cell antigen receptor sequencing. Complex patterns of deteriorating peripheral T cell tolerance were observed being most pronounced in plaques followed by artery tertiary lymphoid organs, lymph nodes and blood. Affected checkpoints included clonal expansion of CD4+, CD8+ and regulatory T cells; aberrant tolerance-regulating transcripts of clonally expanded T cells; T cell exhaustion; Treg–TH17 T cell conversion; and dysfunctional antigen presentation. Moreover, single-cell RNA-sequencing profiles of human plaques revealed that the CD8+ T cell tolerance dysfunction observed in mouse plaques was shared in human coronary and carotid artery plaques. Thus, our data support the concept of atherosclerosis as a bona fide T cell autoimmune disease targeting the arterial wall

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