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Perhaps it should be combined with glycine for even better results?

[1] "Severe Glutathione Deficiency, Oxidative Stress and Oxidant Damage in Adults Hospitalized with COVID-19: Implications for GlyNAC (Glycine and N-Acetylcysteine) Supplementation"


[2] "Supplementing Glycine and N-Acetylcysteine (GlyNAC) in Older Adults Improves Glutathione Deficiency, Oxidative Stress, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Inflammation, Physical Function, and Aging Hallmarks: A Randomized Clinical Trial"


[3] "GlyNAC (Glycine and N-Acetylcysteine) Supplementation in Mice Increases Length of Life by Correcting Glutathione Deficiency, Oxidative Stress, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Abnormalities in Mitophagy and Nutrient Sensing, and Genomic Damage"


[4] "Glycine and N-acetylcysteine (GlyNAC) supplementation in older adults improves glutathione deficiency, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation, insulin resistance, endothelial dysfunction, genotoxicity, muscle strength, and cognition: Results of a pilot clinical trial"


[5] "Supplementing Glycine and N-acetylcysteine (GlyNAC) in Aging HIV Patients Improves Oxidative Stress, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Inflammation, Endothelial Dysfunction, Insulin Resistance, Genotoxicity, Strength, and Cognition: Results of an Open-Label Clinical Trial"


[6] "The powerful effects of GlyNAC - Genoprotective, mitochondria fixing!"


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Your hope posts are just as awesome and detailed as your research posts. Always an interesting read

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I had the cytokine storm and have been suffering from some type of vascular issue ever since. I have tried NAC multiple times and it ALWAYS makes me feel worse. Much worse. I think you are on to something as NAC does affect it, but not for the better. I've also never seen another anecdotal post claiming it worked, either. Natto/Sera was my life saver. Just trying to help others.

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FVK- u may have cysteine or sulfite sensitivities. Research that a bit.

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just because you didn not feel better, it does not mean it does not help... I have been using it for years and although I am 70, so far I am without covid "experience"... just my 2 cents; I am as healthy as man in my age can be... NAC is great help

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NAC is a basic life extension supplement for its therapeutic generation of glutathione and anti-oxidant properties. It is used in high concentrations to detoxify the liver from acetaminophen poisoning. Generally well tolerated and safe but people should consult their physicians if they are on other medications or supplements. /not medical advice.

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It's good advice to check with docs

I Read you shouldn't take NAC for long use and one study showed link to knee OA after one month use? So I took a break from both..

Folks think "natural" products are safe.. don't be fooled either

They can have interactions with other natural drugs too

Docs n dentists should know what you take as supplements

NAC Side Effects: Common, Severe, Long Term - Drugs.com


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The drug.com site is not a good source. They talk about bad side effects with no mention of the dosage. Large quantities are given for acetaminophen poisoning treatment. For an adult about 10,000 mg.


One will probably have bad side effects from that much NAC.

That tells you nothing about the risk/benefit ratio for 600mg per day. Do you really need that site to tell you if you feel rotten after taking NAC to stop using it?

It's bad advice to check with my doc. She recommended the Covid jabs, absolutely would not help me apply for a medical exemption from the mandates. All trust has been lost. Most docs have no training in nutrition. They've been captured by big pharma to push pills. to treat symptoms Did your doctor recommend Vitamin D through the Covid panic? If not, not trustworthy. That is the easiest test. My doc failed that too. Note that one should take a vitamin D + K2 that is available as a combination.

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Honestly I never used drug.com.. and yes I know allo treat large amounts NAC and for Tylenol overdose it's well loved

I'm talking about other studies that had some 🚩and naturopaths that said to not nac longterm, not allo docs, of course they don't believe any of that

Haven't been in doc in over a decade

I believe both allo n naturo are useful and ideally should be a middle ground ..

So my point is careful with all these natural supplements cuz they to can have untoward effect that you won't necessarily feel

Like several of these natural products thin blood

Do you feel that.. nope

Now add lumbro n natto to the mix n 🚩

Be careful is point

And docs n dentists should be made aware what "natural" supplements we take

And natural thinners should be stopped about 2 weeks prior surgery etc

Vit d n k In winter

but k does clot too so clotters should be aware right ratio and not overdo it

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could you please tell me which doctors to ask about? would you recommend one that knows some stuff like this?

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Your best resource is your own research and check with your family doctor. Lots of good naturopaths out there to advise on supplements to start your research.

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There are people who are allergic to it. It even says so on the package.

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FVK, do you mind my asking if you took the c19 injection? I ask because unfortunately my 20 year old son took the injection despite my warnings, & I’m trying now to help him detox. I have been giving him NaC, but a while back when I gave NaC to my mom (who prob has a high toxic burden), she said taking it made her feel bad. So, I wonder if it causes some detox effects similar to a herxheimer reaction. I thought she was imagining it, but you are corroborating what she said. My son seems to not have any issues with the NaC. But, even though it appears to be working, I did buy him some Natto/Serra too. He just hasn’t started taking that yet. So good to know that was a good purchase!

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Wonderful neutraceutical. Have basically had no upper respiratory infections since using 1 gram a day. Also an excellent detoxifant for graphene. Synergistic with s-acetyl glutathione.

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What makes this psyops so puzzling is that it affects each one of us differently, causing more confusion and disbelief. We all can’t die off at once , it’s a long term cull.

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Ps ... Nac helped my fatigue and my workouts.

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I take NAC twice a day since they tried to ban it back in 2020.

I also take vitamin D and Querticin with zinc (this is my full disclosure).

When I got COVID, I couldn’t even tell I was sick, mild chills for a few hours, knew it was COVID because my wife had it like the flu and I was taking care of her.

Had to test for work, positive.

One year later I got some nasty, I think was the flu. Horrible chills and fever for a few hours, went to bed and woke up fine.

I credit the stuff I’m taking, such as NAC, as before the pandemic, due to my job and travel, I would get sick 2-3 times a year and it always messed me up for 3 days at a minimum.

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I’ve been a bit skittish on pushing NAC too hard and too broadly - after reading some concerning studies where NAC significantly increased cancer cell replication with some types of cancer.

Any comments on that?

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Yes I read that too someplace and 🚩

I paused mine after read another article of association with knee OA after 28 days..

Was on it and still got Covid twice after year , though mild both times but I'm not going to go crazy either with all these supplements after few months post Covid

Or they will have you on dozens ..one to prevent this , another for that and that for a lifetime!🤌

I laugh watching how folks who boast not taking any allo pills are popping " natural" pills left n right

So much of these " natural" supplements can cause untoward effect, interactions with other drugs and supplements and many still not researched wel or purity or third party checked

Get back to basics, eat lower carb, not stupid keto , stay away from sugar n processed food, seed oils, as much as possible, eat Mediterranean diet, exercise daily n sleep well, reduce stress and leave the rest to God!

Walk by faith not by fear, cuz fear will kill ya faster!

NAC Side Effects: Common, Severe, Long Term - Drugs.com


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sorry, but those SE are non-specific, a cope-paste with anything else.

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Well that was quick paste, if anyone cares they should research more studies that raise some 🚩

I just stopped glycine , NAC to take a break as heard some naturopaths, not allo docs, say best to not take nac longterm

But folks can go ahead and take nac and all the rest of supplements daily and in large amounts too, for years..I don't care.. I'm just sayin careful with all these supplements too.. they can cause issues if even minor ..some lower bp or thin blood and mixed with other natural supplements that do same is something folks should know about and alert Md n dentists and prior surgery stop many of these for 2 weeks etcetc

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Look, I agree, it’s common sense not to take them every day. But as a physician and former student and resident, no one in the MD world teaches you about integrative medicine.

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As an old nurse using naturopaths over 2 decades I too was ridiculed following a little quack medecine

I sit in middle though

Need both and yes sadly western medecine needs to be better educated

We Need to get back to basics but at same time when I see some pop vitamins for this and that

That too is overkill and a natural products is a big busine$$ too don't kid yourself

Eat healthy and whole foods cooked

Ditch the sugar n processed as much as possible

Lower carb content n portion but nothing cray cray like keto

Good luck exercising much on that!

Exercise daily n get outisde and live

God made our bodies to function n heal

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Taking 700-1400 mg per day of NAC.

For your safety 😉

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NAC or N-Acetyl L-Cysteine was taken from Over the Counter General Sales during the first year of the PLANDEMIC and was found to be sold by the U.S. companies actually producing and marketing it. DOUBT THAT WAS AN ACCIDENT since several resistant physicians included it in their Protocols developed by practicing actual MEDICINE instead of pushing Globalist/Govt. bull mess.

Though many people have taken it religiously for years, it was a new product supplement for many people and there is no question about it protecting and helping to save many lives.

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Have you looked at D-Ribose and Mg combinations for overall heart health and the production of ATP?

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There’s some papers that came out from Italy and France saying they’re finding synthetic snake venoms in fecal tests. If this is true, might want to try Naringenin


Even if it’s not venom, it looks like it has big therapeutic value.


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walter- have you seen this excellent video where JJ Couey explains how covid started using Clones? It is a must see.


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taking in a timely fashion?? Timely?? Is starting it two years after the jab and 9 months after covid timely? Also after the damage is done and interstitial lung disease is now well advanced requiring O2 24/7?

Could starting it now even help those who have been injured?

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Investigate Methylene Blue used at very low dilutions of 0.1% for a long duration. There's quite a lot of info on it.

Dr Deepak Golwalkar, a pulmonologist in India, treats his patients with fibrotic lung disease with methylene blue. In a page here - https://dr-deepak-golwalkar.medium.com/treatment-for-covid-19-using-methylene-blue-d23fc5a31a4d - he talks about treating a man who had been given a few months to live. Four years later the man's lungs were functioning normally.

His website: https://methylene-blue.conzapp.com/dr-deepak-golwalkar

Advice on how to use methylene blue: https://methylene-blue.conzapp.com/methylene-blue-dosage-for-patients-for-prophylaxis (mostly relating to covid-19)

A video where he suggested using methylene blue as a treatment for covid-19 - nebulized and sublingually. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAN0wH3IOrc (Dr Golwalkar FAQ on using Methylene Blue for Covid and Practical Tips for Doctors)

and subsequent video:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfqZiI3PcWo (Dr Golwalkar on recent progress on mitigating Covid in his city using Methylene Blue) - this latter video also covers fibrotic lung disease.

There many other videos on methylene blue (astonishingly still) on Youtube. For example:

Oral Dosage For Methylene Blue - FLCCC Protocol Review by Dr Been https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiwNMe9qzC4 and other videos in this series.

Methylene Blue for Cancer and Neurodegeneration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPPqDQeV4SM

John Paul on 'Things Hidden in Complexity' has a post on it - https://hiddencomplexity.substack.com/p/the-pathway-for-mis-c-methylene-blue?s=r

And this paper: 'Methylene blue alleviates nuclear and mitochondrial abnormalities in progeria' - https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26663466/#:~:text=To%20rescue%20mitochondrial%20defects%2C%20we,nuclear%20abnormalities%20in%20HGPS%20cells. - might be useful as an anti-aging remedy against the progeria of the covid infection and vaccine.

edit: There are also several books on the subject of methylene blue - see Amazon or your preferred bookseller.

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Thank you so much. I will look into all of this. Best, Teresa

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Good luck !

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Hello again, I would very much like to know how to get back in touch with you as a follow up once we try this Methylene Blue. Right now I am really hopeful that this is going to improve hubbies quality of life. On the doctors website there was this question: Will it help interstitial lung disease and the answer was - yes if there is no clubbing. So I am now running this by hubby's pulmonologist. I really don't expect much from him as I am sure his hands are tied (by big pharma) but he does really want to help hubby and he might tell us try it on our own if thinks there will not be a down side.....

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attention Walter!

There has been a lot of talk recently about NAC supplementation being connected with causing cancer. Are you aware of any legit studies that support this? Or does this fall into the category of "vitamin D and ivermectin will kill you"? Would love to know if you are familiar with any studies on this.

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An Italian group has just used quantum physics to alter the electron spin on NAC to make it more effective against spike. Here are their links:



I am not affiliated in any way.

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