Thank you, once again, Walter. I pray you have a Happy New Year!

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I read that the supplement Berberine is similar to Metformin.

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Thanks Walter. That bloody sugar again! Too bad our brains are hardwired to love it.

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My dad got COVID twice and in both cases had excessive bouts of hunger lasting several weeks.....(like polyphagia).

A protein diet and metformin worked to ease the hunger symptoms

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We are told ad nauseum that saturated fat will cause heart disease and red meat causes cancer. But if you eat a high saturated fat diet, and moderate amounts of red meat, and nothing else, your blood work will quickly develop the ideal profile for defeating all modern chronic disease, and most viruses.

Isn't it interesting how many hard pushed recommendations by the mainstream lead to illness and death, whereas the opposite fixes things?

Isn't it interesting that eating red meat causes climate change, and we need to close those farms down?

Just look at the government advice that type 2 diabetics consume a high carbohydrate diet to maintain stable blood sugar levels, the exact opposite of what a type 2 diabetic should do as the entire problem is their inability to manage a high carbohydrate diet.

These are just a fraction of the lies we are told around our diet and lifestyle choices.

It appears to me that there has been a multi faceted narrative developed since around the 1970's designed to corral people into lifestyles and pharmaceuticals that reduce the health and viability of the population in order to covertly reduce the population.

SarCov2 and the Chinese made bioweapon mRNA injections are the most obvious and poorly executed of all the measures, a very blunt tool used for what must be desperation.

This means we were winning and we are winning.

I salute Walter for his playing an important part of that.

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Thanks Walter, noted and interesting to read alongside the disrupted Kynurenine pathway & systemic glycolysis.

Btw the parent of Metformin does the same thing:

Investigation of the Phytochemical Composition, Antioxidant Activity, and Methylglyoxal Trapping Effect of Galega officinalis L. Herb In Vitro

Katarzyna Bednarska et al. Molecules. 2020.


Quercetin was used as a positive control:

Dietary Quercetin Reduces Plasma and Tissue Methylglyoxal and Advanced Glycation End Products in Healthy Mice Treated with Methylglyoxal

Yantao Zhao et al. J Nutr. 2021.


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Some of the more recent FLCCC videos by Dr. Been (Long Story Short) as well as MedCram have touched on either/or both Méthylène Blue and infrared light therapy for improved mitochondrial function… Could the Methylene Blue 2% solution in any way relate to the process that you are describing?

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Walter, I was researching DSMO and came across many properties that could be extremely beneficial for covid. I suggest you take look.

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Bingo. Keep going. Thank you always.

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Tromethamine reacts with numerous aldehydes, including Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate, G-3-P, another key participant in your scheme.

It is used, along with Sucrose, in both the Pfizer and Moderna jabs.

Could this interaction with G-3-P trigger systemic effects like the observed Anaphylaxis caused by Tromethamine?


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Very interesting thanks.

Have you studied the release of Fructose from Sucrose when injected intramuscularly?

Is significant Methylglyoxal likely to be generated?

Sucrose is the major organic component of both Pfizer and Moderna jabs.


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Proponents of getting "grounded" say that reconnecting to the Earth electrically provides a source of free electrons which, via the electron transport chain, neutralises all the free radicals in the body and therefore cures all the chronic inflammatory issues that modern humans suffer from. If this was true, then it would be a cheaper, simpler and more complete approach than taking bottles full of antioxidants/supplements/drugs to achieve the same end.

The simple way that I look at it is that the Spike protein is inducing systemic inflammation and production of ROS in the body so if we had an effective way of damping this down throughout the whole body most of the damage could be avoided and people could recover their health. After 2 weeks of using a grounding pad as much as possible, including at night, I can report a complete cure of my insomnia which has been plaguing me for years, i.e. I'm convinced there is something to it as I can't think of any other reason for the step change in my sleep quality.

Just because the current medical paradigm is chemistry based we shouldn't dismiss the possibility that effective solutions might lie elsewhere. There is this small study here showing that grounding almost immediately stops red blood cells from clumping together:-


Then there is this which might explain why I can sleep normally again:-


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Many Covid19 jabbees suffer Chills.

Could disruption of Fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase 2 (F-1,6-di-P) in your scheme contribute to that Adverse Event?


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Question: Since the body consumes most of its glucose after about a day of fasting, might intermittent fasting (36-48 hour fast once per week) offer similar or additional benefits to the keto diet?

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How to fix Endothelial Damage?

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