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if autopsies of inoculated folks had been the norm (considering those are experimental injections without long term safety data on humans) and autopsies hadn't been so strongly discouraged instead, things like this probably would've been spotted sooner.

autopsies on uninjected folks with COVID positive death certificates would be a good comparison group too.

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Jus buried a 55 year old life long friend today who died in his sleep Monday night.


1) can people test to see if they are vulnerable to a sudden cardiac arrest with this affliction?

2) can we make a stronger correlation to the vaccine or Covid?

3) is there something specific that a coroner is looking for? Can that be done without the full cost of a full autopsy? Just look for something specific?


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COVID-19 seems almost like the perfect "Aging Disease". Induction of systemic amyloidosis, lipid peroxidation, iron dysmetabolism, glucose dysmetabolism, DNA damage, and chronic inflammation all closely mimic the physiology of aging. In fact, the very definition of an Alzheimer's-afflicted brain is "amyloidosis, DNA damage, and iron-induced lipid peroxidation". People with diabetes, hypertension, obesity, old age, and/or African-American race all have an "older" endothelial phenotype. COVID-19 comes along and pushes someone teetering on the edge right off the cliff. Same thing with the vaccines; endothelial and pericardial/myocardial injury, amyloid deposition, amyloid fibrin clot formation, etc.

This Spike protein seems as if deliberately engineered for demographic rebalance by geronticide. They don't want to pay people's pensions. They want young workers, and they want them to die before they retire.

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The cull is well underway. You found this Walter. The silent death, hidden, made to look natural. Great great work

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Is there a vitamin and/or medicinal protocol to mitigate systemic amyloidosis? How much thiamine as part of a B complex supplement is needed? Has this terrible information been shared with any of the legal teams of Aaron Siri, Thomas Renz, Charles Barnes and Dr. David Martin? Thank you, Walter. Praying someone can come up with a treatment.

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Thank you, Wondrous Walter!

The study with the two cases you alluded to, discussing the deposition of misfolded precursor protein involving fibril formation, has turned out to be  portentous of the unfolding tragedy.  Indeed, as the study states, "Our two cases highlight the importance of considering amyloidosis as a potential diagnosis even in asymptomatic patients as the outcome with this disease could be fatal...."  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7132166/

Thank you for your brilliant research!!

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What came first? The experimental “vaccine” or the gain of function virus. Which has the most cytotoxic spike proteins? I am of the opinion that the GOF virus is the platform for the real agenda, the “vaccine”

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Might there be a blood test or biopsy screen to find this before it kills?

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Greetings W.M.C.+F.,

Message of positive karma!

The “move” to substack

must alleviate the B.S.

(miasma) associated with

dissemination of your

research on Twitter.

Subscription upgrade imminent!

Recent publications excellent

illumination of SARSnCoV2

ramifications. Especially recent

piece WRT Liotta et al.

No pontification at this time.

Peace be upon You


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Is there anything that can reverse/slow down the DAMAGE which occurs in IN BOTH CASES BY THE FORMATION OF FIBRILS?

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Walter, I’m brand new subscriber, don’t thank me, you deserve it.

“Millions” my fear is that is what critics will remember.

It may not be helpful.

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An apposite review, just in case some one has not seen it....


* Peptide from SARS-CoV-2 spike protein forms amyloidsIn lab tests, immune cell enzyme cleaves spike protein to yield fibril-forming peptide

by Celia Henry ArnaudMay 31, 2022

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Let's just start calling it Ray Liotta syndrome.

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But the jabs are safe & effective...just ask all those who have suffered life-altering side effects and/or died soon after. Would Big Pharma, the WEF, the WHO & politicians lie to us????

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And then it could simply be the jab? No, shock horror, perish the thought, the jabs are "safe and effective". Yeah right. One can't find something if one is not looking for it. Why was the jab not even considered as the cause of death? After all, no one has isolated and purified the alleged SARS CoV-2 "virus".

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It would really help if someone would present these findings in layman's terms. I am battling with Spike Protein to the point where this time last year blowing my nose one morning I found I was blowing up chunks of bloody mucus which began to overflow into my throat making it difficult to breath. My immediate thought was "I am going to die" then gasped as I remembered there was no one to feed my pets for at least 5 days. My reaction caused me to throw up the muck in my throat. Plenty of thick bloody mucus. Since then at 76 I started menstruating revealing more clots. Then clear for a month or two and back again.

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