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Thank you Walter!

Thanks to people like you, simple farmers/gardeners/growers like me can live our lives, as if our eyes were completely open. With confidence that the people we trust, actually are the steering us in the right direction, even as our “leaders”/ our “betters” aren’t.

Much love, as always!

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thank you to you ... we need to keep going, it is tough, difficult, challenging, but there is no other alternative. thank you again to you and people like you for all your are doing for humanity. God be with you!!

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Walter, I appreciate your work - but it's terrifying to read your stuff after having had covid(!!!) I'm taking more supplements & meds than my kidneys can likely process, but not even close to the whole World Council for Health spike detox. I only had one awful day with covid, being very high risk I'm sure it would have been much worse without the FLCCC protocol and being prepared. But terrible exhaustion afterwards. Is the rest of life going to be chronic inflammation and more illness forever? There's only so many good supplements and wholistic healing possible with limited $$. The monsters who funded and created this must be held accountable .. And it is valid to fear this disease, many covid dissidents dismiss it as the sniffles.

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You are a true light in the darkness, Walter. 💛

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I hear of so many vaccine injured people…so sad….but at the same time no pathology reports from deceased to corroborate the Amyloid theory. Is there a way we could test the Immunoglobulin Amyloidosis theory with simple blood draws or non-invasive histopathology? Especially from those who are suffering daily; Walter I just know you’re work will be credited with saving lives one day and we all appreciate your efforts!

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Or is there hope in some of the detox things like pine needle tea / star anise / long covid protocols, and autophagy (intermittent fasting, spermidine, well sourced resveratrol)? The FLCCC docs say autophagy can clear the spike protein ... But sounds like this thing was made to not be cleared ...

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Thank you for the continuous effort! Keep following you unceasingly.

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Yes Walter, and that is why Vitamin D is so important - because B cells can control the availability of active vitamin D to ensure immune homeostasis.


We see a dysregulation in -

Monoclonal gammopathy




And, APS


What causes this dysregulation? - oxidative stress generating free radicals eg hydroxyls, and peroxy radicals


How do hydroxyls form naturally?

By UV light breaking up ozone and water droplets and then recombining.

3 H2O+O3→ 3 H2O2

H2O2 + hv→ 2OH·

You can also get additional hydroxyls from the photo-Fenton reaction

Fe3+ + H2O + hν → Fe2+ + HO• + H+

and the Fenton reaction inside the cell and mitochondria.

Fe2+ + H2O2 → Fe3+ + OH– + HO•


This contributes to the ferroptosis seen in Covid.


Ozone can control immunoglobulin production by B-Cells, both directly and indirectly via T cells.


The same processes that occur in the outside atmosphere are also reflected on the inside.

The more ozone the less UVB the less Vit D

The less ozone the more UVB the more Vit D

Excess vitamin D causes calcium levels to rise. This can lead to a condition called hypercalcemia.

Symptoms include:

* Fatigue

* Confusion

* Psychosis

* loss of appetite

* weight loss

* excessive thirst

* excessive urination

* Dehydration

* Constipation

* irritability, nervousness

* Tinnitus

* muscle weakness

* nausea, vomiting

* dizziness

* confusion, disorientation

* high blood pressure

* heart arrhythmias

However, too much Vitamin D can also suppress the immune system.


Just as too much UVB is immunosuppressive.


The human body has evolved to regulate Vitamin D - because it protects us from oxidative stress.

In the same way Ozone protects the earth from electrophilic stress.

The Spike Protein dysregulates this protective redox system and generates environmental/cellular chaos.


As Above So Below!

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Walter, I am looking forward to reading your explanation of the two studies. Thank you for your enormous effort and dedication

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Thank you, Walter. You have been the first to identify so many problems.

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PFIZER , December 2020: L'Amylose, une maladie rare...


Et dans cette vidéo:


En chirurgie cardiaque, l'extraction d'un caillot, puis ce directeur des Pompes Funèbres anglais (connu des RS pour avoir alerter sur l'age de + en + jeune des décédés, notamment de ceux dont les familles lui avaient dit qu'ils avaient été vaxs ) décrit ce qui a du être retiré, il montre des sortes de plaques (par un embaumeur de sa société) des veines pour effectuer ce soin de conservation post mortem (retirer le sang pour le remplacer par du formol) sur une personne qui auparavant avait été autopsiée. Ils n'avaient jamais rencontré cette difficulté à cause de tels amas.

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Report of an aggressive B cell Lymphoma in a jabbed 26 yo, fast growing aggressive tumor. Is there a pathway for AL Amyloidoma’s affecting B Cells that would tie to the Spike Protein expression in B Cells (or their associated prions???❤️❤️❤️ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/9445195/

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Thank you for this information. Very helpful.

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