to remove the spike protein, have you considered dr Bryan Ardis’ research using nicotine (administering the molecule via spray, lozenge, gum, or some are using an organic pure tobacco ‘tea’ in foot baths, he’s not advocating smoking cigarettes).

also dr Shankara Chetty’s research into the spike protein uncanny similarity to venoms.

nicotine is an antidote to venoms - venoms dock on the nicotinic receptors which have a higher affinity for nicotine.

take nicotine, along with proteolytics and chelators to dislodge, break down, neutralize, bind the spike protein.

doctors have reported success in restoring the lost sense of taste and smell using nicotine gum.

but the combination of therapeutics is necessary because once the spike dislodges it can re-lodge elsewhere in the body.

do check it out. it is fascinating stuff and well worth a try (since the treatment is relatively accessible)

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Yes. Part of this bioweapon delivery, IMO, has been the Fear Porn 24/7/365 imposed on the peasantry by our Ruling Psychopathy in the West. This induced anxiety/stress - dysregulation of the ANS - plays a huge role in COVID-19 courses. A large study of severe COVID cases months and months ago showed that ANXIETY was the number 2 co-morbidity behind morbid obesity (all of whom are massively Vit. D deficient). It seems obvious that this created bioweapon is also causing dysregulation of the ANS with the attendant symptoms one might expect. Fascinating report of symptom reduction with sympathetic block. Thanks for sharing. BTW, this is also one reason cannabinoids are effective in reducing COVID//vaxxx symptoms as they return homestasis to the ANS. Dr. Campbell (PhD, RN) had a great Youtube last week on CBD and its anti-viral effects - worth a watch!


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Stress cpmbined with the SP is lethal. Just look at those dying from heart damage who stress their hearts. Fascinating and terrifying.

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Dr. Chestnut, i owe you an apology. I just read the headlines and thought "Well, who with an IQ of above 80 and can think critically doesn't experience chronic stress from what is going on now?"

I humbly apologize, and ask for your forgiveness, for when I clicked on your article, you went straight to the chronic stress caused by PAIN (which I have years of experience with), and it wears you down and kills you early. And the cause of the stress being spike.

I will now go out in the back yard and eat worms.

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The more we learn about the impact of Spike load, the more diabolical we come to realize it all is & has been. Not only do the ongoing revelations confirm our worst long-held suspicions, they reveal layers of physiological & neurological effects that we never previously imagined.

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Walter, Is there any way to test to find out if a person has spike circulating? Is it possible to have spike circulating and have no symptoms? Thank you.

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Just as a sidebar, I have noticed that people that have been vaxx'd start to loose their arm fat/muscle. I don't know how to explain it, but their arms aren't right anymore. And their faces start to hollow out. Back in the day they were called auras, don't know what they are called now, but their auras have changed as well, at least in my friends and family. Same people, just different feel and energy to them.

Sometimes I want to go up to strangers and ask them if they have been jabbed just to see if it is my imagination or not w/what I am noticing. Also have noticed people are getting more stupid by the day.

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I like B3 Niacin to take out ROS - NAC and Bromelain should take care of spike protiens.

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I haven't had the jab, but long story short is anyone working on a test to see if those of us not vaxx'd have had exposure to the jab either through shedding or food supply?

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Unfortunately, until a spike detection assay is covered by insurance, and commonly available at diagnostic labs, getting widespread data is pretty unlikely.

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The end is approaching:

What If the Fed Has Lost Control?

When this bubble bursts, there will be no fourth or fifth bubble, there will only be rubble.

The US economy and its financial system operate under the implicit belief that the Federal Reserve controls the direction of the economy and finance. This belief isn't in Fed influence, it's in Fed control: the Fed can reverse a stock market decline on a dime, it can reverse a recession, it can do "whatever it takes" to keep markets stable and expansive.

The history of the past 30 years seems to support this belief. Every time a financial crisis has manifested, the Fed has "saved the day" with some new policy extreme, changing the rules, jacking up its balance sheet 10-fold, and so on.

The flaw in this confidence in Fed control is the three speculative bubbles that have inflated and burst in the era of Fed Control, 1995 to the present. These bubbles could not have inflated without a "dovish" Fed pushing interest rates down and juicing the financial system with liquidity / credit. Since all speculative bubbles eventually burst, the Fed is forced into "rescue mode" which requires ever more extreme manipulation, oops, I mean intervention, to stabilize the bubble bursting and inflate the next bubble.

What few entertain as a possibility is the Fed is losing control of the economy and finance for systemic reasons that have nothing to do with Fed Policy per se. In other words, it's not a "Fed policy error" that brings the system down, it's much larger forces: diminishing returns and second order effects.

More: http://charleshughsmith.blogspot.com/2023/05/what-if-fed-has-lost-control.html


The big picture theme of this report is: The Fed Is Losing. They are losing control of the markets. They are losing their credibility. They are losing their ability to craft and control the narrative. They may even be losing their institutional freedom as recent moves by Congress reflect the fact that they have done a dreadful job, and tough questions are being asked.


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So getting a SGB will not resolve the issue of the spike protein? It relieves symptoms but the spike continues to circulate, replicate doing damage? For those of us suffering with long covid ( not vaxxed) is there still hope for us on a full recovery? Is there hope that we can rid our bodies of the spike? I am in the process of getting chelation therapy-- will that help break down the spike protein?

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Hi Walter,

Great stuff. I was wondering if you could elaborate on the statement "First, confirmation that the effects of the disease (read Spike) are genetic." For example, what is meant by "genetic" in this context, and how did the doctor's experience lead you to this inference? Thanks.

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It’s fascinating how the anti - aging literature/ research ties in with the psyops we are living through.

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Interesting N =2 study, but we need so much more data here.

Need to determine what biomarkers to test before and after procedure. Need to know whether it matters if it's a stellate block or thoracic SGB (is the anatomy important?). (For that matter the sphenopalatine ganglion contains sympathetics, but I digress.) Need way more subjects to make the data meaningful.

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