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Been following this discussion for a while as a lurker, and though while still a bit skeptical of the potential severity, have seen enough that I believe people should take action to protect themselves. Has anyone started putting together a comprehensive protocol with rationale? Seems to me it's something like this:

- Don't take a Covid vaccine period. This includes mRNA, DNA vector, or spike subunit vaxxes (not sure yet about a whole virus with adjuvant vax but probably not). All either turn your cells into spike factories or fill the body with spikes. Just don't do it. BTW, the choice to use the spike as the vax antigen was either a blunder of monumental proportions or unspeakable evil.

- Don't let Covid take hold if you catch it. If you feel unwell at all immediately start something like the FLCCC I-mask protocol regardless of test status. Stop the virus before it can multiply. Have the protocol on hand so there is no delay.

- Minimize the body's susceptibility to infection. Preventative measures including a low carb keto diet, sunshine, exercise, basically how our great great grandparents lived. Metabolic derangement from years of eating garbage makes the body a Covid playground and needs to be reversed. Fortunately a keto diet can often reverse this within weeks, long before significant weight is lost. Supplement stuff like vitamin D and zinc.

- Reversing spike damage, this is the big one with lots of question marks. First line would be something to *safely* break down the amyloid/fibrin, possibly nattokinase and serrapeptase. Dosage is TBD but it looks like there are some pretty good studies out there. Does low dose aspirin make sense? Would higher vitamin D and ivermectin help to reverse damage as opposed to just being protective?

I understand we need to understand the mechanism to have an effective and safe treatment, but time is not our friend. The excess death data is getting worse not better, and disconcertingly it started rising before the vax was rolled in Jan 2021. Long covid and vax injuries/death are almost certainly two sides of the same coin, i.e. damage caused by the spike. It's not just the vaxxed that need to take action. The unvaxxed (like me and my family) have reason for concern as even mild covid cases can potentially cause severe long-term harm.

Edit: Thinking a bit more about the ketogenic diet and wondering if it can reverse spike damage as opposed to just being protective. There's good evidence it reverses atherosclerosis as seen in improved CAC scores, could it do the same here? It also seems to slow the progression of Alzheimer's though the mechanism was thought to be from fueling the brain with ketones rather than glucose (the type 3 diabetes argument). Could it be reversing or slowing amyloid growth?

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👌... has any of your analysis above changed ?

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'Does low dose aspirin make sense?' How about resveratrol?

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How do we quantify the risks of "spike shedding"? How do we quantify the risks of synthetic mRNA shedding?

I'm guessing that being injected with billions of synthetic mRNA molecules is worse than eating food that may be contaminated via shedding, or breathing in an enclosed space with someone who's been recently jabbed?

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Sorry you lost your twitter. I tweeted a link to your substack


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The video is not showing up on the page, but it's here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3J3F8Pvzuo

Here's another copy - https://odysee.com/Diagnoses_and_Treatment_of_Systemic_Amyloidosis-R3J3F8Pvzuo-20150609_720p

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You seem to have been removed from Twitter. That is worrying.

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Hey Walter - I saw that you were censored. I just wanted to let you know that you can't get rid of me that easily! Thanks for your awesome work! I'm looking forward to receiving your ongoing updates.

Chop wood...carry water, my friend.

Shine on!


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You have peer reviewed, you have data that tells the real truth and then you have young slim Olympic Golf Medalist and certainly vaxxed Nelly Korda having serious surgery to remove a blood clot from her arm. Safe and effective needs to start being fighting words on the spot.


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I just saw Twitter got you a couple hours ago.

Not happy.


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Tweeted and pinned this four months ago: "Being the most rural with a widely dispersed population, Vermont held off Wuhan virus infections well through the onset of its jabs into a compliant populace, making it a perfect test population for the jabs themselves. Looking forward to many more reports." It looks like you're doing that research--kudos.

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A brief review of studies supporting the potential for spike protein “shedding”, transmission of the protein from a vaccinated

Study Link -hurry before removed - lol


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I have read the cited paper. Def this is amyloidosis. May I ask you to explain how it can cause amyliodiosis in those ppl who are exposed to spike shedding and not vaccinated?

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Because it’s airborne. This is a LAV that’s airborne. This is something that’s stomach turning to even write to acknowledge the truth. It’s why so many mammals and not just mink and related are getting it.

Read Sirotkin and hold steady.

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