Hoo boy. Hence my theory that anyone that has gotten a covid-19, jab(s) or both, given the long persistence of the spike, will be helped by "spike detoxifying." WHC has an excellent resource for that:


I ran all of these through pubmed, read papers, then queried for Rx interactions, and also used Drugs.com where you can make an account that keeps your Rx list (I know, some data collection, sigh). (I came down with Wuhan in June 2020). The virus was built to cause harm, and shorten lifespans, despite recoveries via natural immunity. This is addressed in the literature and by doctors and scientists at the forefront. Looking at ball those humanized sequences in SARS2 et al, such as the prion and amyloid promoting sequences, murine malaria, Staph A, HIV-1 glycoproteins, TB and others. Until I found this, I caught many respiratory illnesses after Wuhan, including 3 of the omicrons. About 6 weeks after choosing and taking several of the suggested supplements, I stopped getting infections, but for one cold in the past year. Marked difference. My primary doctor observed I look noticeably healthier as well.

Well written, Walter. I very much appreciate your work.

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More than a little terrifying. Maddie comes immediately to mind. God knows how many more are out there, terrified and invisible

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Jan 30, 2023·edited Jan 30, 2023

There are few things about how our immune system functions that seem intuitive. Yet it seems intuitive that the spike protein causes injury whether from "natural" infection or mRNA injection. If we have any control, we want an unremarkable natural infection that stays in our airways rather than entering our delicate endothelium, lymphoid system, brain, and other organs apart from lungs. This is obvious to WMC's readers, but it is comforting to restate as a sort of first principle.

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So the unvaccinated are still susceptible to long lasting harm. I never was vaxxed but a couple months after getting omicron I got a neuropathy where I have pins and needles. The only thing that helps is sweating but to get there it feels like all over my body is rolling in a thorn bush for 4 min. I wonder if it had anything to do with getting Covid. Never really felt 100% since then.

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Thank you Walter, yet another fantastic substack to ponder... Your deep dives into this have been enlightening (and terrifying) ... This ties in well to a lot of the issues that covid (and even more scarily, the vaccines) has been producing in society. The next ten or so years will be very revealing, but everything you've looked into so far seems spot on...

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Thank you for this important work.

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The spike itself is a prion protein.

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Also IgG4-RD

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Well, if the "natural" weapon is different than the injection in that it is more like a normal virus, that means there may be a big difference in how the body responds at the level you're talking about... that they focused on just the S and modified it... and then encased it in the LNP which itself causes damage.... I don't know... lots of questions still... The injection will most likely be more of a problem due to sheer numbers. Everything seems to focus on the S right now... what about the N? Are we in the clear on everything else?

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This is a interesting website for those who haven’t seen it yet. It has natural remedies for just about every ailment. People post there the things they’ve used to help cure themselves, and explain the dosage, and how they did it.


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Great job, Walter. Thank you.

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Wow. As always, Walter, THANK YOU for posting this. Amazing!

I don't have time to read the full article right now, but I sure as hell will. For now, though -- I feel as though a lightbulb may have gone on. I've been struggling to really grok the molecular pathophysiology of prion disease for YEARS now ... That little diagram, with its mention of "mischarged tRNAs," may hold some sort of key, perhaps. It may not be the direct mechanism, but it seems very relevant ...

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Anecdotal observations (ie. the lives of real people):

Rapid onset dementia.


Fulminating cancers.

Life is life is life is life is life liVE! FUCK! SAY SOMETHING FUCK!



Thank you Walter. Cool theory, it's nice to see what the future holds if we keep working the machine:

The cruelty of the Machine will crush us certainly.

Try to get some screws loose, or at least say no. At least try to root it out from your heart.

We all make mistakes, but being an accomplice to our murderers is one of the most tragic I can imagine.

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Christie Grace: "I found it! My idea about the LNP causing the formation of clots is correct! Holy sugar smacks"

!https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31655206/Nanomedicine. 2020 Jan;23:102098. doi: 10.1016/j.nano.2019.102098. Epub 2019 Oct 23

.Direct interaction of fibrinogen with lipid microparticles modulates clotting kinetics and clot structure

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Check this out!!! It all makes sense now. Egg factories being burnt down.


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