I don't think it affects covid infection but would really account for the clots seen in the vaccinated, who produce spike much longer and at much higher levels - depending on the rate of production from the mRNA signal which has a huge biological variability.

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Jun 4, 2022Liked by Walter M Chesnut

Had to post this straight away. Wife's friend works in a neuro depot UK. Not awake. Chatting in general, I mentioned about amyloidosis, her reply, we are seeing a huge increase in cases

You are spot on Sir Walter

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Is amyloidosis happening in both vaccinated and unvaccinated? Or only in the vaccinated as they are producing only the spike?

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is important WMC research spread to others ... people need to know.

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@Janiesaysyay has a thread up with multiple photographs of these amyloid. In one photo of one of these clots being removed from an artery, the thing goes on forever, like a measuring tape. Reportedly there were no symptoms to warn the artery was being blocked with this thing.

These things look like carrots branched out like trees and they apparently form so quickly you get no warning before total blockage. They form in completely healthy vasculature.


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Jun 4, 2022·edited Jun 4, 2022

Walter, are you aware of Beta Carotene as a potentially potent way to break up amyloids?

Would be very keen to hear your opinion on this.



THANK YOU for your work

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So specific sp!ke pr0+e!n fragments are more likely to produce amyloid?

Remember that about 40% of RNA in the vaxxs is fragmented (perhaps intentionally), and these RNA fragments could well generate shorter protein fragments, precisely the ones that generate amyloid deposits.

Murder case (more like genocide) solved!

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Can enzymes such as nattokinase break up fibrils?

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Jun 3, 2022·edited Jun 3, 2022

First, we'll need to determine which type of amyloid protein it behaves like, since there are several of them, and treatment is different.

Walter, can you please take a look at the connection between vaxx amyloid diseases and diabetes and see if you can connect some dots nobody else has thought about?

Current and future treatment of amyloid diseases


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We’ll stay as far away from the spike protein as possible!

Also, treating the virus, as soon as it starts, and throwing all the sink at it seems like a good idea.

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Is the "exact piece of protein which... is most likely to produce amyloid" generally conserved across variants? Alpha, Delta, Omicron, etc?

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In discussing the prophecy of Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, Igor Chudov, inter alia, alludes to Walter's article.

"What if each case worsened amyloid clot formation and created cardiovascular problems and caused seemingly unrelated sudden deaths?"

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Just in case you needed confirmation of your research https://youtu.be/is_Hi1RVTnI

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page 7, 'an interesting observation...' https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8380922/

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