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Sorry, Walter, I meant to post this on your last thread regarding Amyloidosis of the liver but was too slow, so I'm going to ask you here :

Have you been following your friends at Thailand Medical news and their theory on Hepatitis in children? Sorry for hijacking your recent work but it's all relative, here's what they've said -

"What health authorities are hiding from you is that every exposure to the viral proteins of the

SARS-CoV-2 virus is causing damage to the various components of your immune system and causing damage and depletion of healthy CD4, CD8 and CD47 cells among many others. This opens the door to reactivation of dormant viruses, secondary opportunistic infections and even cancer cells becoming uncontrollable hence the manifestation of accelerated aggressive cancers!

The recent incident of children developing hepatis is now believed to be caused by third generation BA.2 and BA.4 subvariants that cannot be detected by current testing platforms and produces asymptomatic infection in young children while damaging their immune systems and giving rise to secondary opportunistic infection caused by a new adenovirus variant whose evolution was also triggered by the presence of the SARS-CoV-2! (Hopefully details of these will emerge soon!)

What the health experts are not telling you is that SARS-CoV-2 is also affecting the evolution of other pathogens including bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens and also changing the human host response to these pathogens. That is why we are also witnessing new medical anomalies involving TB infections, fungal infections, various herpes infections and even STDs!

Every exposure to these variants is also affecting your various cells, tissues and organs and are causing damage hence with every reinfection, expect more aggravated Long COVID conditions and also more fatal outcomes arising from heart failures, organ failures involving the lungs liver and kidneys, strokes and CVST incidences, gastrointestinal issues with sepsis, etc. Many of these deaths will not be classified as COVID-19 as dictated by those controlling the COVID-19 narratives that is why monitoring of real excess death data is going to be extremely important".

I'd be very interested to here your thoughts if you can find some time to reply.

Keep up the hard work, its appreciated!

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Thank you! Especially as it looks as though children may be suffering this condition consequent to either natural spike or vax induced exposure.

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Poikilocytosis - T-bacilli spike proteins

Poikilocytosis is a term for abnormal shaped red blood cells in the blood. Acanthocytes - red blood cells with unevenly spaced spiked projections that have blunted ends.

The diagram which had been drawn by Wilhelm Reich showing the T-spikes/T-bacilli:


If T-bacilli appeared as “spikes” projecting out of the disintegrating cells during their disintegration, Reich considered this a still more serious indicator of incipient biopathic disease.



Spike proteins = prions = T-bacilli



The warning which was issued back in 2018 concerning the use of Pseudouridine for the cmRNA vaccines:

Misincorporation of pseudouridine by T7 RNA polymerase can have implications for RNA-based therapeutics, as pseudouridine is incorporated into RNA to reduce immunogenicity.


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This is fascinating. The current black market treatment for FIP is Remdesivir.

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It's still a pre-print but interesting and seems to fit. Lewy body formation in monkeys https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.02.23.432474v2.full. Also thought about the calamari like blood clots Ryan Cole had samples of. Sure looked like something polymerized in the veins.

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Will getting novavax vaccine 5 months after contracting covid cause problems.

I had a headache for 2 days and felt tired but that was about it. I was on ivermectin, d3, quercetin, zinc and k2.

I live in canada and am not allowed to get on a plane and visit my kids and i'm getting frustrated to the point of taking the non-mrna option to free me for travel.

What do you think?

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Thank you for your work Walter .we miss you on Twitter .. hope Elon gets you back up.

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Uncertain times ahead …

Thank you for the hard work.

We’ll be following.

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LC folks have made this FIP connection a while ago. Interesting

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