Thank you for this! Minor correction: Shot Adverse Death Syndrome ;)

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Thanks for all you do! It's so wonderful to see you're illuminating these connections in ways that hopefully can help save lives. I see there's a new paper you may have seen that discusses a note on amyloid terminology--their paper states, "We recognize that there has occasionally been confusion in our use of the term ‘amyloid’ to describe amyloidogenic blood clotting, as blood is not seen as a source of the classical amyloidoses. While we could have used another term, the structures and staining of these blood clot fibres, presumably consisting of the ordered β-sheet architectures necessary (i) to bind fluorogenic amyloid stains and (ii) to be resistant to the normal sources of proteolysis, do reflect the well-established term ‘amyloid’. In addition, there is a very simple discrimination between ‘classical’ amyloids and those fibrin-rich amyloids that are our focus here: this is that the amyloid fibrils seen in classical amyloidoses tend to be ca 5–25 nm or so in diameter whereas those in fibrin amyloid microclots tend to be in the range 50–150 nm or even more. They are thus easily distinguished microscopically, even without the greater analytic power afforded by proteomics, antibody staining, and so on. However, to avoid such ambiguity in the future, we consider it sensible to refer to the kinds of fibrin-based amyloids we are speaking about as fibrinaloids"


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I have been reading your posts for several weeks now and appreciate all your work on this. I am wondering if you believe these reactions are caused only by the vaccines or if they are also caused by the Covid virus and are occurring in people who appear to have recovered from the virus? Is there a way to determine this?

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Thanks again for the information. I also appreciate the strength of character necessary to parse such tragic data.

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Thanks Walter, you’ve got this, now others are following your hypothesis. 👍👍💪💪🇬🇧

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"...the Spike Protein ... is slowly infiltrating and turning all it touches into non-functioning tissue."

How long do the spike proteins from both the vaccines and the disease itself persist in the body?

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From the injections, at least 60 days.

There is a massive difference between the 2 in most cases, because most infections are not really severe, with lots of spikes in the bloodstream. Most will be stopped by the immune system of the lungs and throat/nose, so it never even reaches the blood.

In contrast, the inject bypasses the entire lung protection system and goes straight into your blood stream and lymph system, to be carried around your whole body.

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Thanks for that. Yes, vaccines straight into the blood stream - great!

Do you say 60 days because that is all they have tested for? It is as if even they don't want to know.

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I believe at the time 60 days was indeed the limit of the testing, and those spikes were in the liver.

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Yep, nothing to see here folks, move along now. Next unrelated test please.

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McCullough quoted measurable quantities over a year later (methinks to remember)

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Jun 21, 2022·edited Jun 21, 2022

Walter It also may be that your IL6 - cytokine - amyloid theory could explain the sudden explosive cancer metastasis they are finding in vaxed people. You seem to be on to something with the "acute phase" activation. On point: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8267706/ "Serum Amyloid A Proteins and Their Impact on Metastasis and Immune Biology in Cancer" from the abstract: "Herein, we discuss a link between acute phase biology and cancer with a focus on serum amyloid A proteins and their involvement in regulating the metastatic cascade and cancer immunobiology"

PS it took me 3 days w / fast forward and 10 minutes at a time to get through your interview because it kept crashing but it was WELL worth the persistence. So if you dig back to the roots of the acute phase, is it one master switch (liver) or a suite of switches (gut - as your Kevin said, liver and so on) for some main groupings? Can we reset the switche(s)? Is the hard reboot fasting a potential key - the kind of fast that puts the cells into conservation mode - fast for at least 3 or 4 days. Foods for thought.

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Mc Cairn had a chart for April and June 2022 of deaths above normal in which All Things Circulatory system were running about 150K extra deaths, dementias around 75 K (!), diabetes 40K and cancers 15K ish (and who hasn't heard of a sudden cancer pop up in their circle?). generally people over 45 years old and from CDC ncos ness vsrr covid 19 excess deaths. So there are at least 4 major categories. Also would love to know how this source compares to Ed Dowd's excess all cause mortality findings in younger people 25 -44.

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Thank you, Walter for your constant research.

We need treatments!

The world is sick.

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Can anyone point me to articles about long term effects of a natural covid infection? I had it in May 2020, was acutely ill for about a day and a half and recovered. Short of breath for a few months and had a mild Guillien Barre between knees and feet but that resolved. Should I expect long term heart damage from the spike?

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FLCCC has protocols for prevention. treatment, long Covid and vaccine injuries.. fab stuff! :~)


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do you have a source for this "However, between March 2021 and March 2022 alone — a single year — at least 769 athletes have suffered cardiac arrest, collapse, and/or have died on the field, worldwide."

ppl are asking me...

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Yes, each is detailed in the footnotes, with referenced news article.


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Spontaneous Abortions and Policies on COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Use During Pregnancy - Link: https://cf5e727d-d02d-4d71-89ff-9fe2d3ad957f.filesusr.com/ugd/adf864_2bd97450072f4364a65e5cf1d7384dd4.pdf

Linked above is a revised study, after NEJM published a misleading paper - Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons

https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2104983 - ,

which claimed the v is safe by padding numbers in an original dataset where 7/8s were women in their 3rd trimester where most of the data set were outside of the bounds of 20 weeks, so rates of loss of pregnancy appeared a 'normal' rate.

This is actively deceptive, if not criminal, as the definition of spontaneous abortion is the loss of pregnancy naturally before twenty weeks of gestation.

(Source: Spontaneous abortion is the loss of pregnancy naturally before twenty weeks of gestation - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK560521/)

To Quote from the revised study:

“re-analysis of these figures indicates a cumulative incidence of spontaneous abortion ranging from 82% (104/127) to 91% (104/114), 7–8 times higher than the original authors’ results.”


“The study indicates that at least 81.9% (≥ 104/127) experienced spontaneous abortion following mRNA exposure before 20 weeks, and 92.3% (96/104) of spontaneous abortions occurred before 13 weeks’ gestation (Table 4, footnotes).[4] This is a very high proportion of pregnancy loss observed in those exposed to the mRNA vaccination before 20 weeks’ gestation, ranging from 81.9–91.2% (n = 114–127), which is significantly different to baseline estimates from other studies (11.3%, n = 79,978 [6]; p < 0.001), being 7- to 8-fold higher than expected (p < 0.001).”

Essentially, 104/114 pregnancies were lost. ~ 90%

This is not the first time the NEJM has been implicated in publishing deceptive data around Cov-19.

The Pandemic Claims New Victims: Prestigious Medical Journals:

Two major study retractions in one month have left researchers wondering if the peer review process is corrupted




“One study promised that popular blood-pressure drugs were safe for people infected with the coronavirus. Another paper warned that anti-malaria drugs endorsed by President Trump actually were dangerous to these patients.

The studies, published in the New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet, were retracted shortly after publication, following an outcry from researchers who saw obvious flaws.”


Health Independence Alliance

Due to the vaccine, the miscarriage rate jumped from 28% to 40% (which is a 43% increase)

The report details stories of miscarriages, death, disability, and a wide range of other adverse events.

In March thru May, there was a huge spike in miscarriage rates. It is normally 25% to 30%. In these months it shot up over 50%. They’ve never seen anything like that before.

One woman had very reliably donated 30 or more eggs each time she came in which yielded 5 to 8 embryos. In May, she got her second shot of the vaccine and then came in to donate a couple of weeks later. The clinic was shocked: all of the embryos had all arrested when they checked them on day 5. None of them reached the stage where the trophectoderm forms. I’m told this sort of thing is exactly what you’d expect from the vaccine

They are seeing an unknown contaminant in the wells with the embryos. They started noticing this in August, but it could have started sooner than that. They only notice it under high power magnification and it is only the wells with the embryos. They still don’t know what it is or how it got there. Multiple clinics report the exact same thing. This means it is either coming from the sperm or the egg.


Dutch News source

Translated : Thousands of reports of menstrual disorders after corona vaccine

Side Effects Center Lareb has received thousands of reports of menstrual disorders after administration of the corona vaccine. According to the agency, it is still unclear whether there is indeed a connection with the vaccine.


ACE2 in female reproductive organs - “evidence suggests that ACE2 is widely expressed in the ovary, uterus, vagina and placenta. Therefore, we believe that apart from droplets and contact transmission, the possibility of mother-to-child and sexual transmission also exists. “


VAERS stories Re Miscarriage


Placental Pathology in COVID-19 (reminder the spike protein is same in both so damage seems to be same)


ACE2 in testicles

“ACE2 was also determined to be highly expressed in testicular cells at the protein levels. “

Active Study in India


Daily Mail

Doctor urges recovered covid patients to take fertility tests


World Journal Men’s Health - half of reviewed live/dead covid patients can’t make sperm.

“three of the six COVID-19 biopsies had normal spermatogenesis while the remaining three had impaired spermatogenesis”

Mentions how 2005 SARS also affected sperm production



Impaired spermatogenesis in COVID-19 patients


The probable destructive mechanisms behind COVID-19 on male reproduction system and fertility


Similarity between covid 19 spike proteins and human endemic retroviruses used in reproduction which we don’t want to lose … but if the immune system does attack HERV we’re in trouble


COVID-19 Vaccine and Ovarian Reserve - clinical study


Leaked Pfizer study from Japan which showed the vax accumulated into liver + ovaries of rats (which affected fertility, think about how fertile rats are normally)


English Version !! ‘The Biodistribution Study’


Pretty scary given how many women report strange post menopausal bleeding experiences (even younger ladies) after vaccination. Duckduckgo search around terms about ‘women vaccine bleeding’ and many report post menapausal bleeding and No pregnant and expecting women were never part of the vx trial run (also only observed for 30 days so no long term female reproductive pov could ever be established, related to the HERV talk above)

And many doctors observed sperm counts dropping like rocks and stops sperm generation from the virus itself - COVID-19 spike disrupts spermatogenesis through the oxidative stress pathway following induction of apoptosis , ace2 attachment involved with same spike protein

COVID-19 disrupts spermatogenesis through the oxidative stress pathway following induction of apoptosis


2021 CDC reports on the declining fertility rate in USA which has been in decline for the last six years


From Ny Magazine, the Cut

‘At this point, though, there is a strong public perception, in the U.S. and in the U.K., that there is some kind of period weirdness afoot, and that COVID-19 vaccines could have something to do with it.’


Why Reports Of Menstrual Changes After COVID Vaccine Are Tough To Study


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"Inexorably, in an unknown percentage of individuals, the Spike Protein, as in Stephen King’s The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill, is slowly infiltrating and turning all it touches into non-functioning tissue." THIS!

Rhetoric I can share with the less scientifically-minded in my circles.

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In natural infection, S1 transforms into S2.

However, in vaccination Spike is locked in S1.

S1 notably impairs fibrinolysis, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8380922/.

We did not see high levels of sudden deaths in 2021, only in 2021 when the vaccines were introduced.

I contend the vaccine and natural infection are not equal in causing this and that it is not even close.

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Furthermore, we know altitude has a significant effect on fibrinolytic system as per https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/16078454.2021.1946265.

Which would explain why pilots are the other group experiencing adverse effects.

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"Amyloidosis is a diffuse disease, and in many instances, there is no “normal” myocardium to contrast. Quantitative imaging techniques including non-contrast (native) T1 mapping and direct extracellular volume fraction (ECV) determination have been recently explored in cardiomyopathic diseases including amyloidosis. Extracellular volume (ECV) measurement has shown promise for detection of cardiac amyloidosis"


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Thank you again for your important work!

Please, a question: Someone pointed at "p53, cellular tumor antigen". Does that play a role, in the process of Amyloidosis? (I'm sorry for my noob question, it might be a dead end. Thanks.)

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