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I am going to be honest..this "Does repeated exposure to the Spike Protein, either via infection or vaccination induce and/or accelerate these processes?" is scary AF.

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I am Substacking the paper on the human amyloid proteins binding S1 today... in between all the other crap. Well done again my friend.

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Reminiscent of a theory of ME/CFS called "Hit-and-Run", where no virus is found, but chronic panoply of symptoms persist. Perhaps a similar scenario as in your theory Walter.

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We have " Long.Covid assesment centre in Adelaide Australia. It seems to me they should be really reading Walter's articles and reaching out for collaboration. When I called an acquaintance who works there, i was told it is not how they operate.

Also, the University of Tasmania Dementia Reserach Centre. There are so many "research " pockets around the world looking at amyloid but no effective treatment. As far as expression of genes for dementia the advice is to reduce inflamation ( fasting, HIIT excercise, low carb/keto, gut microbiome optimization). The way I understand what has been highlighted in this latest article by Walter lifestyle changes wont make much of a difference ( it was designed as bioweapon) . Below are the details for Long Covid Center recently opened in Adelaide focusing on understanding Long Covid.

Sorry all for this rant I feel compeled to help somehow but frustrated by my own incompetence.

Long COVID Assessment Clinic | Royal Adelaide Hospital


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Please consider doing a compilation post, just on a high level summarizing the following:

1. Major pathogenic biochemical pathways and resulting pathological processes of the Wuhan strain spike protein (and derivates of thereof). No low level biochem pathways. Just : amyloidosis, fibrinosis, cancerous growth, etc.

2. Primary symptomology for detection prolonged / aggrevating circulation/replication of the spike protein in the body of a patient (i.e. list of symptoms to watch out for).

3. Primary laboratory / testing biomarkers for detection and measuring the severity / progression of pathological processes (from 1.), i.e. IL-6, IL-6, TNF-a, d-dimer, etc.

4. Known and possible interventions (medical, lifestyle, other) for stopping and/or reversing the pathological processes (e.g. amyloidosis, fibrosis, cancer) caused by the spike protein.

We can't wait for the research field to catch up on this, it moves at a glacial pace. There are millions of people out there needing help now. The milk has already spilled, can't put it back into bottle.

I'm trying (as per your links) study now the efficacy of the following as potential remedial interventions:

I. EGCG and beta-carotene


II. Betulinic Acid (from Chaga mushroom)


III. Baicalin / Baicalein (from Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi)


IV. Spermidine (from wheatgerm oil, natto beans and cheddar)


V. Enzymes (nattokinase, serrapeptase, lumbrokinase, streptokinase, bromelain)




Or if removing amyloid plagues and/or fibrils is the wrong approach, please suggest a potential avenue to research.

Thank you for all your hard work! ❤️

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Walter, I really miss seeing your posts on Twitter. I really enjoyed the break from science and seeing your dinner and wine selection. Are you posting on another platform like you did on Twitter?

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Are long COVID patients getting wasting-away syndromes, whether or not cancer related? I haven’t heard much about long COVID other than it being a continuation of COVID symptoms, or what are almost surely vaccine injuries.

I’m assuming that the amyloid structures ultimately can cause prion diseases? Sorry to be asking such basic questions in a stack that is pretty technical.

Thanks for this article.

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❤Walter ❤ You are so lovingly intelligent, insightful and focused. I am speechless (scared). If anyone has any plan how to start facilitating answers to Walter's questions above please speak out.

Walter 's questions:

How do we mitigate the presence and potential self-propagating abilities of the Spike Protein?

Does repeated exposure to the Spike Protein, either via infection or vaccination induce and/or accelerate these processes?

How to ensure the world medical and research communities address and investigate these conclusions?

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Brilliant work Sir. You are on the money with this and have been since the start. I had a mild 2 day infection, think it was covid as my facial and trigeminal nerves were electric. I began a course of lumbrokinase, NAC, quercetin and curcumin as a hopeful solution. Fingers crossed.

This makes perfect sense as to why all restrictions have been removed, let them mix, let them have multiple reinfections. Fatigue is a major issue with people, nausea in the mornings and the I don’t feel right but can’t put my finger on it. The way Ivermectin was rubbished, I’m hoping this impairs the spike. Thanks again Sir for your work and dedication

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How do u mitigate the spike protein? HCQ? IVM?

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This is precisely the worse case scenario I feared could happen. . . as a result of making our body's cells create the spike protein. . . While the immune system is suppressed by the vaccines, some of all that spike injected may not be cleared by the immune system, and together with the new spike proteins produced by our own bodies, could continue to be produced for an extended period theoretically. . . This could happen equally; in those who catch the virus, and those vaccinated. Though, I read that the amount injected is far greater and goes straight into circulation, so could cause more problems.

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Many thanks Walter. I can't help but wonder what will happen to people having the 'Novavax' jabs, being injected with an artificially generated spike protein directly (rather than instructing the body to self generate the spike through mRNA) .... will this spike protein also persist in the body despite what the manufacturer will no doubt claim? (Ps. Novavax is developing a Covid spike protein/regular flu combination 'vaccine' - the mind boggles)

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Excellent essay again, Walter.

I found this paper... well, informative and I was both impressed and pissed at what this group found in the spike mimics work they did. They identified a bunch of proteins (Timothy grass sequence too) and what they do. Just reading those and thinking of the other things we know...

The crafting involved in the virus continues to take my breath.

Potential autoimmunity resulting from molecular mimicry between SARS-CoV-2 Spike and human proteins https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.08.10.455737v3

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What does "oldest old" mean?

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