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Crazy times. Also, good thing I'm taking Quercetin+Zinc daily since I got sick from covid, it might be in fact this what helped me get over the neuropathy and chest pain symptoms, had my hands and feet go numb randomly along with some pain. All of it stopped suddenly a month after, about 4 days before seeing the doc and getting an ECG (all normal).

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This is excellent Walter! Thank you: am forwarding this immediately:)

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Thank you for your efforts. When Dr Marik & Dr Fleming said "Don't give up hope. We can fix this" it was the best news I'd heard in years. I haven't taken the experimental gene therapy injections but lots of friends and family have so I'm hoping for their sake some vaccine damage remediation protocols can be developed. We're going to need them badly.

Your work in this area is critical as you understand the disease (natural or injected/generated spike protein) better than most.

Thanks again.

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It appears that fiestin may be more effective than Quercetin. Life Extension has a Senolytic Activator with both

Fiestin here


Supplement details. I just switched to this one from Quercetin/zinc combo


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A dear friend was recently diagnosed with Chronic Lung Fibrosis after his 2nd jab. He now is boostered at least once, most likely twice. Lung function 50%. On O2 for sleep, walking, and traveling. Only 60. They also said his Lymph Nodes are swollen. Plus he had a hiatal hernia.

In fairness, his father died at 62, of this disease. I still can't help but wonder if the jabs excellerated his condition 🤷‍♀️

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I am a 55 year old British woman who is over-weight. Had no major health issues.

I refused all Covid vaccines because I noticed that within weeks of the lockdowns/Covid hysteria beginning in March 2020 - significantly some politicians were saying

"Only a vaccine will get us out of this".

I knew from Professors John Ioannidis and Knut Wittowkski that the IFR was not even approaching justification for any of the hysteria in general, so I became suspicious of the "miracle" vaccines that were incredibly prescient it seemed.

I have been taking a daily protocol of Vitamin C, D3, Magnesium, Zinc & QUERCETIN since 2020.

Haven't been at all seriously sick though a couple of viruses* have made me a bit ill for 4/5 days max in the last 2 years.

*I have never used any Covid test as they're a central part of the scam.

I will keep taking Quercetin.

Thank you Walter for all your work.

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Since the pandemic started I've had intermittent periods of exhaustion. I haven't been vaccinated and as far as I know I haven't caught covid (I test weekly for my volunteer position and I've never had covid symptoms). I tried quercetin but there was something about it that didn't suit me, so I stopped taking it. Instead I recently started taking hawthorn, and it has greatly improved my energy level. And I just discovered that hawthorn contains a lot of quercetin!

I realize that this is just an anecdote, but so be it.

Here is an article about the "Immunomodular effect of Hawthorn extract in an experimental stroke model" (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3022819/)(Hawthorn extract helped alleviate pro-inflammatory immune responses associated with I/R-induced injury, boosted IL-10 levels, and increased Foxp3-positive Tregs in the brain, which may have aided in suppression of activated inflammatory cells. Such treatment also minimizes apoptotic cell death by influencing STAT-3 phosphorylation and Bcl-xL expression in the brain.)

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Dear Walter

Thank you for all your ongoing focus on SARSCov pathology.

You probably heard about the two drugs (below) and I am wondering what are your thoughts:

1. Azvudine is a thymus-homing anti-SARS-CoV-2 drug effective in treating COVID-19 patients

2. Prof. Nadir Arber developed a molecule  called CD24.The Phase II trial was conducted in Athens  “Some 93% of 90 coronavirus serious patients treated in several Greek hospitals were discharged within 5 days.

The principal investigator was Greece’s coronavirus commissioner, Prof. Sotiris Tsiodras.

Any thoughts?

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Also, what are your thoughts on AEROSOL version of peptide fusion inhibitor Gallaher&Gary created to keep themselves safe ? It is still not available commercially but they kept all their lab staff safe.

Wouldnt a standard intranasal spray be less effective against SARS -Cov2 which could attach to the lungs in a far greater quantity due to the Furin cleavage site - not much point using any intranasal spray, correct?

In addition , many people commented on

Maj Gen. Chen Wei who become the 🇨🇳 chief Bio-weapon expert as she invented an "interferon spray inhibitor" for SARS which kept 1400 staff safe during pandemic. Eco health ordered them not to release a spray to public but instead to develop a vaccine. Apparently, many people still think that GGL and D- peptide inhibitors from HIV-1 gp41 could be used as potential inhibitirs for SARS -CoV entry. What do you think?

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"What on earth were people thinking that the Spike Protein would be useful? "

Regular me wants to think the inclusion of the Spike was seen as an acceptable risk.

Tin foil hat me thinks this was planned genocide of the West.

I sure hope Regular me is right.

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I started developing erythromelalgia approximately one month after my first (and last) Pfizer shot. I am managing the symptoms with Quercetin. There was a notable improvement in my burning hand pain within an hour of taking it.

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Mitochondrial mutagenesis.

Or human herbicide as you have mentioned previously in another post. Because we are weeds apparently.

Mitochondrial DNA is damaged through a mutagenic processes when exposed to spike protein inside the cell. Almost all other symptoms we see are the result of those cells failing to perform their regular functions because they're "tired"

Eg immune dysfunction is damage to immune cells. Dementia is the damage to neurons. And diabetes is damage to pancreatic cells. So on and so on.

The toxicity does not destroy all the mitochondria in a cell. Just some. The cell divides passing this damage on to daughter cells and over time tissues are infected with underperforming cells with low energy outputs and produce high levels of oxidative stress as a symptom. Oxidative stress itself leads to DNA damage. Hence cancers.

This cannot be fixed in the ordinary sense. But we might be able to mark cells which produce too much oxidative stress (a symptom of damaged mtDNA) and delete them. Allowing only the healthy not effected cells repopulate the tissues.

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A thousand thank yous for the work and guidance. There was no thinking by those that developed this "virus." The thought was of profit and sinister outcomes.

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We need people to translate these possible uses of drugs for COVID symptoms into plain English. So, it sounds like Quercetin (a supplement in the US) can be used to treat certain lung problems, but how do we know the cases or lung problems it will treat? I know someone who has COVID with a dry cough that just won't stop.

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Thank you, Walter. I have that paper pulled and saved and printed to read.

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Good to know things that can help - so thanks for your research. Most people I know took the jabs because I live in a very woke area and they are truly brainwashed - even most of the kids too, unfortunately. So far so good as far as I know, though I heard a couple folks had rashes post booster, one got hip arthralgia, and another one just got a UTI. Many caught omicron anyway so I hope they don't go for the new bivalent boosters. I think most people don't talk much about health issues that could be related to the jab - as it would be letting down the side, so to speak, or they don't connect the dots. So it may be hard to help them ....

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