Hi Walter,

I was wondering if there was a free way to access the bioone paper as I cannot access it as linked and wanted to read about potential therapeutics.



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Walter, great work sir, I have been saying the same exact thing for the past 16 months, and no one was willing to listen. I am super sensitive to radiation as it affects most of my body organs/systems, and have been suffering a great deal since the release of the \/ which contains the original alpha spike. I am glad someone is finally writing about it. Thanks for all the work that you do.

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Is there a takeaway we haven't seen in previous studies that compares COVID to radiation injury?

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"Intriguingly." Indeed.

Thank you for locating and sharing this reference.

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On the topic of therapeutics, the admirable FLCCC website of treatment protocols has missed a demographic. There are millions of us experiencing either vaccine injury or long covid, who are abandoned to our own devices. Many of us cannot financially afford the very limited and very expensive medical expertise available, and so cannot legally get medical supervision and prescription medications. Most family doctors, at least in Australia, are not willing or able to treat us in any effective way. It does not matter to us how good or otherwise the FLCCC protocols are because we cannot use them.

It would be wonderful if someone with actual expertise were to help empower normal people with a normal desire to regain functional health, using readily available (without prescription and not illegal) neutraceuticals, herbs and other natural treatments?

The article attached is my amateur attempt at understanding what I am dealing with personally, with long covid. I have written this partially to get my own head straight, which is not easy when experiencing the limited intellectual stamina that can come with long covid. What I have written will not gain currency because I do not have the "right" to be doing what I am doing. But surely someone could mobilise the holistic health community, and put a natural and affordable products protocol on the FLCCC or other covid websites. In so doing they would help the millions who have been abandoned to their fates. Currently I am only dealing with the spike protein. 5G WiFi issues will come later when I build some understanding of the interrelationship with covid - unless - as I hope - someone beats me to it.


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