Nice finds.

Let’s try and piece together how the synthetic spike from the pseudouridine mRNA hangs around almost as a chronic toxic poison that speeds up inflammAGING. That’s really what fibrosis is.

Have you looked into Progeria vs the pseudouridine spike to see if there are any similarities?

Also it’s time you presented possible remedies to the new findings, not as medical advice but as things to look into such as:




Improving insulin sensitivity

Gut health

Proper balanced nutrition and hormones

Proper sleep rhythms

Stress control


These are all things I discuss with my patients on a daily basis REGARDLESS of the medical issue.

Help the body heal itself.

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Dr Mercola put out an interesting article on glycine this AM. Sounds like supplemental glycine does or aids several of the things you mentioned. I’m studying it more to see if it’s worth adding to my daily supplement regimen.

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I already added Glycine with my NAC & take Marcola's Liposomal Glutathione as a secondary measure.

Liposomal Curcumin & Liposomal Quercetin combo gives additional fibrin clearance.

Other supplements worth focusing on adding are those that impact mitochondria viability & function.

The final "cleanup" protocol will be incorporating the right binder strategy to detox out the heavy metal components within the vaccine..

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astaxanthine and ubiquinol for mitochondria. Mitochondria dysfunction is operable in most cardiac pathologies. I also take benfotiamine and PQQ.

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Apr 20, 2023·edited Apr 20, 2023

I still have to finish reading that looks 👌 , I have taken glycine occasionally with NAC as some suggest..but he seems to take a lot more though!.. some say NAC should not be taken longterm .. who to listen too?!! So many articles, so little time..

I'm kayaking writing this;)

Let's all Unplug and let's worry less

Fear will kill us faster than any spike or graphene etcetc

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My worry is that nattokinase could in some cases, make a previously perfectly calibrated blood, too thin, causing brain hemorrhages. Can you reassure me that that is totally out of the question?

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Everything in the body needs a balance. Good things are called good effects. Bad things are called side effects. But good and bad depend on each individual.

While NK has been anecdotally discussed as helping to clear the pseudouridine spike quicker, it’s something to look into. But whether it is right for your balance is your decision.

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I can't really decide. I would rather have to find out experimentally and might not like the result of the experiment... Thank you for answering!

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Mercola prefers lumbrokinase which is 300x stronger than sera and 30x stronger than natto, ( I have all 3 and alternate but may stick with lumbro once pills done) as lumbro alone he says has unique ability to break up fibrin or build it up as the body needs..

Who knows but I have thought of the same hemorrhaging possibility especially that we are recommended to take NAC and resvetrol , coq10, fish oil, nigella , curcumin etcetc all have some blood thinning properties and who knows how they all potentiate

This old nurse doesn't like all this self medicating even with "natural" pills

Make sure you tell docs and dentists all taking natural thinners too should be stopped about 2 weeks prior surgery

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IV vitamin c and ozone therapy are also solid therapies to look into

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Walter frequently presents remedies.

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I doubt there is any cure for this ... anymore than there is a cure for stupidity.

From what I understand -- this has genetic altered the recipients and they are spike factories...

The folks who created this have been working on it for decades... they will have covered all angles.

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“All” is not a real word in science. Perhaps “many” or “most” but not all.

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Apr 21, 2023·edited Apr 22, 2023

thank you Walter for all your continuing efforts!!

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Genetic sequences can be turned on and off, expressed or not expressed. So in the best case, this spike protein DNA could be passed down through the generations as just another bit of junk DNA.

Don't assume competence. These people are certainly evil but they screw up regularly. The daily stormer does a good job of covering the incompetence of the ruling elites.

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Any thoughts on why the UK purchased huge amounts of Midazolam --- and gave them to people suffering from a severe respiratory disease?

Do you think it is incompetence?

Perhaps they forgot to read the label?


You should not use midazolam if you are allergic to it, or if you have:

narrow-angle glaucoma;

untreated or uncontrolled open-angle glaucoma; or

an allergy to cherries.

breathing problems; or

congestive heart failure.

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Read my post again. I said they are both evil and incompetent.

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'cure' at this point may not be possible, but mitigation should be the aim, and many supplements are helpful in that regard

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Thanks WMC. Stark reality check.

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Problem (ACE2 lovin' spike), reaction (We're all gonna die!!!), solution (we got a $$drug$$ for that!)


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The DOD supports this drug- They do not want the cure, so there’s that

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Do the viral vector vaccines also contain pseudouridine?

Thank you.

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My friend took one J&J shot and within a year was diagnosed with a Stage Four cancer of unknown origin presenting with swollen lymph glands and extremely high blood sugar. She controlled the blood sugar, underwent chemotherapy and is in remission, but she must take Keytruda infusions monthly. Keytruda is now advertised heavily (along with all the other biologics) on TV as they continue to expand its usage across all cancers. The Origen of my friend’s cancer is still in question.

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3 people I know were diagnosed in the same month with pancreatic cancer that had already spread. One died within 3 weeks. The others are being treated. A friend’s sister is a nurse in Knoxville and says they’ve seen an “explosion” in brain cancer.

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A never ending group of clinical trial participants. E v I l.

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EVIL. (Darn iPad!)

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No. Or probably not. (Will we ever really truly know what are in these things?) But they are still dangerous and neither safe nor effective.

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I'm a big fan of Squaline... can we add some of that to the Rat Juice injections... I don't even know what it is ... but it just sounds like something I'd not want to inject if I wanted to continue living

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I’m assuming you are being sarcastic. the Gulf War Syndrome victims : some believe it was Squalene toxicity in the Anthrax Vaccines forced on the military.

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It’s a Bioweapon... thanks Walter 🎯

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more news at 11

the nazis weren't defeated, they just rebranded

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Aligns well with the 1969 US DoD plans


And the WHO 1972 papers on Virus-associated immunopathology: animal models and implications for human disease, addressing potential of lab-developed viral, communicable bioweapons to cause cancers and other life-limiting autoimmune and immune dysregulation disorders.



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I’ve been joking for a while that the establishment obsession with mRNA as an every-tool is a trial balloon for Biden’s cancer moonshot, to get people used to the platform more broadly. I think you could very well be on to something here. It makes a lot of sense.

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I know someone who is dying from Turbo Cancer... we paid him a final visit recently and he was telling me about how we are on the cusp of a vaccine to prevent cancer.

He also warned me off of reading non CNNBBC content such as Substack.... because such sources are fonts of fake news.

How crazy is that!!!

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He’s about to die.... and he’s telling YOU not to read substack “misinformation”. That’s rich.

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To die -- because he refused to read misinformation ... that's king midas rich

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the fact that science has been perverted into an agent of deception is evil, and the truth called the lie, and the lie called the truth

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Science ALWAYS did and does hold the potential for evil as everything on Earth of human discovery, invention, creation. Ask all the genius from history as all, in their written work declare this truth.

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OMG I never thought of that....OMG..

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the only moonshot is having a lot of resources to go to the stars

usless eaters stand in the way of that stupid dream

so we may die

so that asocial losers may one day

realize that they're losers on their spaceshit

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There is NO WAY any of this happened accidentally.

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I do not believe in accidents either.

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Good job, Walter.

Spike was carefully designed for maximum damage though protean effects, varying in presentation over time.

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Spike protein looks very similar to so called exosomes. Hmmm

Is spike the cause of the result of cell damage?

What happens when this damage isn't cleaned up because your liver, spleen, and blood are jammed up with lipid nanoparticles?

Bingo, that's what makes the jab harmful.

Moderna had the same issues before COVID, the LNPs built up in multi dose gene therapy.

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Doesn’t spike cause the increase in cancer by damaging the mitochondria? When mitochondria are no longer able to create ATP via CREBS the cells have to switch to Phosphorylation which then lets the nuclear DNA mutate.

ALL the spike really does is destroy mitochondria CREBS cycle.

I know that is a fine point. Technically that is all cyanide does, is disrupt the mitochondria by stopping CREBS.

Like all life and civilization; When you turn off the power, you kill the organism.

See T. Seyfried for damaged mitochondria cause cancer.

See; Spike protein causes severe mitochondrial damage


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there are the 4 replicants of an HIV sequence in the spike, three of them placed directly at the insertion points of the receptor binding domains. They shut off the normal immune reaction to allow the payload to get into the nucleus and reverse transcribe, they are the first thing into the cell.

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If someone already had spike proteins in them from a natural infection or shedding, would based off this new research, your recommendation remain relatively the same? Would you still suggest an individual take NAC/Bromelain and fast in order to try to resolve/reset/breakdown these cancerous cells?

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it seems that spike is a bioweapon

the virus or the drug are just vectors

if spike induces prions, this would be bad news for several organisms with brains

frankly this feels like it would be either AI checkmate or aliens cleaning the pastures of weeds

love your loved ones

sing your songs

we will all die, even if this hadn't happened

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Yes! and we should all keep taking them as long as there are any cases. Maybe for the rest of our lives.

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Thank you Walter.

I hold hope that the body is capable of overcoming a lot.

I hold this hope with no reason, only faith.

Crimes against humanity may go unpunished, but still voices like yours are essential, even if it is just for the dignity of humankind.

Fuck the people who thought this was a good idea.

Luciferianism is the shadow of the age of science.

Only god can help us out of this one.

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Keep the faith and prayers up, but I am somewhat comforted by the fact that vials were found with no mRNA in them. The empty LNP or graphene are bad enough, but they won't change your DNA.

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This is just the appetizer... just wait till we get the main course:


Dr. Lee Merritt explains how mRNA Vaccines killed animals during testing and how MRNA Vaccines could be used to kill millions of people by first injecting people with the So Called Vaccine and then releasing a counterpart even years later to be killed at will - She calls this a Binary Poison (as it's in two parts) https://t.me/downtherabbitholewegofolks/70925

Full interview https://humansarefree.com/2021/01/dr-lee-merritt-animal-studies-mrna-technology-all-animals-died.html

So when they are pushing on a string with the global economy - which appears to be imminent ....




Next up - they will release Part 2. and exterminate all the vaxxed... and the unvaxxed starve

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I think anyone who had the natural infection would be in trouble too. Less than 5% of the population have no antibodies to covid, either injected or acquired

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People who were vaxed also got naturally infected later. Everyone I know who was vaxed also caught the virus after being vaxed. No protection.

I do not see evidence that it is a binary poison just that the vax makes it more likely for people to get sick from a variety of illnesses.

They are still jabbing people, they are not done.

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So, in other words, the multi-pronged Spike Protein is like an antenna. One that receives and transmits signals from the depths of hell.

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Walter, this is brilliant, what a great find!!.. You are not just scientifically gifted, you'd make a great detective. I'm about to forward this substack many times. Absolute gold...

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Correct, the Swedish study found this as well. We are in hell.

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As I read through this horrifying report (have one friend dead of Turbo Cancer -- another is in the process...) I was thinking...

Many people I know took the Rat Juice (perhaps I should change that to Devil Juice) because they wanted to travel... or attend a concert ... or sporting event. Some no doubt took the shot because of the free donut offered.

Is it not amazing to watch a supposedly intelligent species ... be manipulated like Pavlov's dog...

But then again ... this is a species that defied Malthus --- we used that intelligence to work out how to grow food to feed 8B using finite resources (fertilizer and pesticides are derived from oil and gas)...

Seems to be intelligence is actually a burden.... one might even consider it to be stupidity.

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Thanks Walt...reposted to Gab.

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