Dr Zach Bush mentioned, at least 20 months ago, that this looked like cyanide poisoning…very interesting. Thanks Walter Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 💖👩🏼‍🌾🎨🦋

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Back in March 2020, before we had functioning PCR swabs (thanks to CDC failure) and used CT to help diagnose covid, I said "this is not ARDS". I am a physician, 11 years as an intensivist, worked in 2009 during H1N1. Had multiple young people in my ICU, esp young men. Put peeps on ECMO. It was a mess. But, after treating ARDS for 11 years, when covid happened, I said the bilat ground glass opacities are NOT normal ARDS. I couldn't find anyone at my hospital to agree with me in a 2 minute conversation (MD attention spans are dismal). Got a twitter account and tried communicating with radiologists at UW, who also just disregarded me, saying it's ARDS. I kept saying it looks similar, but it's too "perfect" - meaning too diffuse, bilateral and homogenous. Clinical presentation completely different. "happy hypoxia" - never saw a "happy H1N1" case.

The term cytokine "storm" also was inappropriate ... since it takes 8 days - 2 weeks to "storm", which isn't exactly a storm. The cytokine storm we saw with H1N1 was a storm - rapid, early onset. I think by misnaming it, we anchored on all the wrong physiology of ARDS and cytokine storm, as seen in H1N1 and other flus. If your base of knowledge is wrong, everything you learn is a sandcastle on the beach......

Fast forward 2 years and we are finally getting explanations that explain the diffuse, fibrotic pictures we saw on CT.

Anecdotally, I am seeing higher pulm art pressures on ECHOs of my patients. Time will tell. I have long watched PAP because I have special interest in PE treatment. Also have seen coronary vasculitis in adults, on echo, like what we see in kawasaki kids.

I too have lost friends over my opinion on covid. I never imagined I would lose friends because I thought the CT looked a little off!!! But our paths diverged early on and remain separate. We need creative people to prevent us from getting anchored on the wrong treatment paths.

Thankfully I have found wonderful, imaginary friends online, like Walter, that have kept me sane.

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I explain my thoughts on this here: https://leemuller.substack.com/p/no-we-should-not-all-get-vaccinated

"With respect to synthesizing the spike protein alone (and not the entire virus comprised of nearly 30 proteins); this statement matters: “multiprotein complexes, protein-DNA interactions, protein-small molecule interactions, and the like—dynamics that are essential to understand for many biomedical use cases.” - https://www.forbes.com/sites/robtoews/2021/10/03/alphafold-is-the-most-important-achievement-in-ai-ever/

Consider that it is the thorn of the entire rose that inflicts pain alone. The literature says the long term effects are not known. This is why I choose not to grab a rose stem blindly with my eyes closed. As beautiful as it may seem, I may even choose by my own freewill not to accept the rose at all, as it is my choice."

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May 3, 2022·edited May 3, 2022

Spike proteins (dextrorotatory prions or beta sheet prions) were discovered some 100 years ago by Wilhelm Reich. He called them T-bacilli. T-bacilli cause hypoxia (since these prions absorb the aether and oxygen) and in turn micro blood clots. Of course, there are also beneficial prions, which have a laevorotatory chirality (alpha prions). Spike proteins are also called liquid crystals.

Since the cmRNA vaccines are coded with Pseudouridine, an isomer of Uridine, all resulting spike proteins will be ISOMERIC as well. So will the antibodies. These largely binding isomeric antibodies now are awaiting an activation, something no one else seems to have observed. cmRNA = chemically modified RNA. The vaccines are not mRNA. Had the vaccines contained a mRNA code (with Uracil) ALL OF THE VACCINEES would have found themselves in ICU units right away, in less than 24 hours. Why? Because severe Covid-19 cases are caused by two lethal antibodies: REGN10987 and B38 (coded with Uracil). That is why Uracil was replaced with Pseudouridine, to sabotage the immune system: now a large quantity of ISOMERIC abs will be produced, while the rest of the normal abs (including the two lethal abs described above) will be fabricated in smaller numbers.

Omicron is Mers-Cov-2 and does not have its prion domain/region activated yet (Delta had a very strong prion domain, the very reason for its virulence). Prions, Mers-Cov are linked with IgG abs. Both REGN10987 and B38 have an IgG format.

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We are our own gas chamber in this war.

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I never forgot that one doctor in New York who posted on social media, then I never saw him again. He said the people coming into the hospital hypoxic did not have symptoms of pneumonia. Their symptoms more accurately resembled high altitude where they couldn't access enough oxygen from the atmosphere.

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So, how about antidotes? Here’s the first I’ve found. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5135677/

Nitrates, I believe, as well. Appreciate your work, Walter.

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Can you explain how people who have had Covid did not experienced any of those things?

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Porphyrins, the Nerve System, and Environment

There is one more place these surprising molecules are found: in the nervous system, the organ where electrons flow. In fact, in mammals, the central nervous system is the only organ that shines with the red fluorescent glow of porphyrins when examined under ultraviolet light.

These porphyrins, too, perform a function that is basic to life. They occur, however, in location where one might least expect to find them-not in the neurons themselves, the cells that carry messages from our five senses to our brain, but in myelin sheaths that envelop them-the sheaths whose role has been almost totally neglected by researchers and whose breakdown causes one of the most common and least understood neurological disease of our time: multiple sclerosis.

The book 'The invisible rainbow' .


Is it a key ?

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