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Walter, you are talking about fibrosis, rather than fibrinogen - is that correct? They are different things, generally? I am pulling a few papers on fibrosis, stumbled over this one wrt hearts: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31284728/

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So all those monoclonal antibodies not a good idea in the longer run I suspect. Front line doctors using them reporting mixed results, sometimes finding people do worse. There were warnings early on too about their potential for contributing to autoimmunity.

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Consider renaming your Substack "Walter's Chestnuts."

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Fibrin activation(massive) in the absence of platelet aggregation? Then for this who are double or triple jabbed, prophylactic aspirin won’t help to slow clot development/ aggregation? What then? As an early treatment provider, I am finding that there are more people waking up post vax or post Covid illness and concerned about clots. Very good video with dr Ryan Cole and Steven Kirsch on this topic on Rumble. ( sorry I do not have link handy to post) Also, I’m so thankful you are on substack. I am not on twitter and found you because somebody linked your twitter discussion on Kirsch’s substack comment section.

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Walter: I just posted this on Dr. Philip McMillan's Vejon Health Substack. He has brought a lot of COVID thinkers together for interviews on his website and posts extended ideas on LinkedIN; he has autoimmunity as his main personal professional perspective on COVID:

"Dr. McMillan: I assume you read Walter Chesnut's technical musings and dot connecting on Twitter. He now has a Substack. He has been talking lately about autoimmunity, and massively about fibrin and how that is generated not just by spike protein but ABs and immune complexes. People around the world are dying of the jab in unprecedented numbers unattributable to COVID illness (most recently revealed by several life insurance companies and retired Blackrock fund manager Edward Dowd doing rigorous actuarial analyses of excess mortality). It may not be just the jab alone but the jab+previous exposure and/or another round of COVID exposure that can be explosive.



I would be happy to gift you an annual subscription to Walter's Substack. I don't know him personally but find his posts astonishing."

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This explains the recent morticians finding during attempts at embalming of unprecedented leg length bilateral clots in legs, arms, carotids. Veins and arteries. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and others have conferenced with Dr. Ruby and morticians on these findings- the are fibrin appearing in massive scale. On its way to be analyzed in a lab for composition.

Dr. Jane Ruby and Maria Azee on Rumble extended interview on mortician blood clots with video:



Rumble has a playback option of 1.1 speed that I find useful. There are shorts of these findings on Rumble on Stew Peters show.

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