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If you want to get back on Twitter, I can tell you how to get back in with the old account. I was just completely blocked as well. Write me if you want to biegitta.neher@web.de - I'll write you how to get back into Twitter.

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Brilliant analysis. Keep going, Walter!

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I love the way you write Walter. It. Is not an easy subject to explain this field of medicine, but your writing and the unique personal way to communicate it, makes it enjoyable, scary, interested, concerned.

It is like one on one conversation.

My upmost respect to such a wonderful, caring, unique researcher!

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UVB affects autoimmunity and autogenicity and amyloidogenicity.

“Ultraviolet B light attenuates the systemic immune response in central nervous system autoimmunity”



“Ultraviolet light induces binding of antibodies to selected nuclear antigens on cultured human keratinocytes”


Amyloidosis is the bodies defence against UVR


CGG CGG is a genetic sequence found at the furin cleavage site of the spike protein

C ➡️ T is a signature mutation of UVR 


Which would give us CGG ➡️ TGG  or Arginine - Tryptophan!

Presumably this would then allow the UVB energy to be absorbed by the indole ring of Tryptophan

Such a point mutation has an immunomodulating effect ARG1 - IDO-1 and I believe this could be a factor in the dysregulation of the immune system by the spike protein.


Conversion of ARG - Typ would also see a potential transfer of electrons from the cell to the spike in the UVB energetic range.

In a devolutionary environment the amyloids ultimately reduce to prions in a final defensive response!



Covid is a great teacher - it is actually showing us how life on earth has evolved!

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Dear Walter: Since the pandemic, I have become interested in a number of drugs and supplements, and by chance I heard about Artemisinin. In fact, I had never had an interest in any malaria cure. As I searched the literatures, I was stunned. Firstly, it really does not just cure malaria, and secondly the research papers on it cleanly disappeared after 2017. This is very unusual, even my Chinese friends I know don't know anything about it. Currently in the US it's mostly supplements, I purchased it and sent it to my sister-in-law, she got high blood pressure after second jab, she also got a third shot but definitely not the 4th anymore. She has been on antihypertensive medication for over a year with poor results. She followed my advice, 500mg Artemisinin per day, for 5 days, stopped for 9 days, and then continued. After the third dose, her blood pressure magically came down and she is now off the antihypertensive medication. her blood sugar has also improved. I don't know whether it can detoxify the spike protein poison, but it works for blood pressure and blood sugar regulation at least.

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Many (including me) believe that amyloid deposits in CNS disorders is actually a last-resort defense mechanism by neurons to shield vital cell components from something harmful inside cells, possibly bacteria and/or its toxins.

Link between chronic bacterial inflammation and Alzheimer disease


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Wow Walter, this is some heavy NCBI reading. I'm trying to make sense of it all. I am keeping a close eye on your work. Sincery thank you. Have you had contact with Spartacus from ICENI on Substack or Dr Mc Cairn?

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Walter, have you seen this video https://gettr.com/streaming/p1j7na4405a ?

Is the white spaghetti like string pulled out from the blood vessels of the dead described by the embalmer in the video amyloid fibrils? It's terrifying.

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Just tagging along in awe of the depth of analysis and understanding that you and all those who post to this thread. Amazing. Thank you!

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Walter have you read the latest info on Alzheimer? All of a sudden an investigation finds that key research may have included fabricated data. and so amyloid may not causing Alzheimer. How convenient.

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CAPS? That's the "thing" they were doing simulation exercises before pandemic. Fictional disease they said...

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You need to check out astrocytes and sedline.

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Spike Protein Spike Protein Spike Protein spell


What about poisoning people with graphene and sorts of other toxic substances that they have been used?

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