Very interesting! (check spelling of one word in the first sentence of your article)

Thank you for looking into this

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May 6, 2022Liked by Walter M Chesnut

Wouldn’t that be evident in the biopsies? What do you think of Jikky’s theory about the adenovirus recombining and creating spike proteins?

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There indeed seems to be a connection. The number of pediatric and adult cases of hepatitis I am seeing has skyrocketed

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I don’t believe the currently promulgated ‘venom theory’ but dang its poetic truth shouts all over substack. This is sooooo sad. Again.

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Yes. We have a very serious problem and this is the tip of the iceberg. #PathogenicPriming

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I think it’s vaccine linked, whether vaxed mothers, children or even the children in the Pfizer 6 month to 5 trials carried out around the world. We await your investigations Walter. Thanks again 💪🇬🇧

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FWIW, I found this:

I'm a recent PhD grad working at a biotech firm in North Florida.

I help develop and test adjutants for pain management drugs that are delivered intravenously.

I've been reading your guesses as to what's causing this novel childhood liver ailment in regards to the mRNA vaccines.

Almost everyone working in my field ALREADY KNOWS THE CAUSE OF THIS.

We can easily deduce it from the barrage of very specific inquiries and tests the FDA has been sending us.

Here's your plot twist... it's NOT the mRNA shots.

It's being caused by a serious unforseen outcome in the development of the JOHNSON & JOHNSON (JANSSEN) COVID-19 VACCINE.

You see, that vaccine uses an adenoviral vector platform based on the virus known as ADENOVIRUS 26 (Ad26).

It's a genetically modified version of a childhood gastrointestinal virus originally found in the feces of a sick 9-month-old.

Even unmodified it's generally considered benign and the J&J vaccine was supposed to contain a modified, entirely REPLICATION-INCOMPETENT VIRUS.



In a small percent of vaccinated patients it replicated, reached sufficient viral load to spread, and MUTATED IN THE POPULATION.

The official inquiries I've seen lead me to believe that an unforeseen interaction with Gilead's HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) allowed it to become replication-competent.


The gastrointestinal tracts of thousands of those who got the J&J vaccine likely were or are currently teeming with this stuff.

Every time they have a bowel movement and flush it's aerosolized all over the place.

They use a public restroom and a parent and child use the same stall next, and soon after you have a hepatitis case.

And that's only considering initial spread.

CHILD-TO-CHILD SPREAD FOLLOWS and you know how hard it is to get young kids to wash their hands.


Oh yeah, they modified it's emergency use authorization to STRONGLY DISCOURAGE USE.


Ostensibly because of a rare blood clot risk THAT HAS BEEN PUBLIC FOR OVER A YEAR UNCHANGED IN SEVERITY.



Doses available today on the market have had no active virus added due to its CAPACITY TO MUTATE AND SPREAD.

They don't want people taking a placebo injection, but they also can't outright pull it from the market or it would raise too many questions.

Interestingly enough, the Russian Sputnik V vaccine uses Ad26 and Ad5 in separate but smaller doses.

This is done to overcome any natural immunity to the viruses, but the smaller dose of Ad26 is also likely to preempt the J&J issue by producing a smaller viral load.

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Right after a family member had the Moderna vaccine, they were told they had possible liver cancer (always healthy before that/no cancer).

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If it can happen to unjabbed kids from exposure to jabbed parents' spiked breath or babies through breast milk from jabbed mom, or even unjabbed mom living with jabbed partner, do you think it can happen to susceptible unjabbed adults?

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There indeed seems to be a connection. The number of pediatric and adult cases of hepatitis I am seeing has skyrocketed

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If shown to be true I suppose the question would be how the children "acquired" the spike protein in the first place. Considering most are apparently unvaccinated we can't 'blame' the vax route so we are left with 'natural infection' or more worryingly, through 'shedding' from their vaccinated parents and/or friends. A frightening prospect for parents everywhere

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Will anyone ever analyze the breast milk of vaccinated mothers? I am curious if mRNA, LNPs or spike proteins would be detectable, and if oral ingestion would affect babies and toddlers.

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Spike protein is shed by vaccinated individuals, right? And/or LNPs?

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I am in for a more plausible but less "credible" explanation. If you read Gallagher 8 Jan 2020 80-page coronavirus "book" on SARS-CoV-2 attentively, you find many intersting generalities about coronaviruses and S-proteins in the words of that old crook. (I have no less bad words for these people, how ignorant ever they might have been on what global monster machinery's small cogwheels they had been and still are. Out of their genuine scientific interest with no morals involved).

Obviously, S-proteins are immunosuppressive - as their role in the placenta implies. They need to prevent the mother's immune reaction to the tissues of the fetus. We know a) the engineered S-proteins of SCV2 are spread in the air and by the skin b) they are also spread by exhaled exosomes. My theory is that the overall spike protein exposure is making the immune systems of these children prone to let simple environmental "commensal" viruses like F41AV cause severe disease. If "electrosmog" exists - and indeed there are some people highly sensitive, even medically allergic to electromagnetic fields of specific types ... then this is caused by the newly appearing "Spike-Smog". We will be doomed to eat natto for the rest of our lives to cleave environmental Spike exposure from our fellow (trans)humans.

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Thank you for your research!

We’ll keep following it.

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In the US the reports of Hepatitis is generally being observed in children between 1-6 years of age. The vaccines have not been routinely provided to the young children inside the US. The reports so far have indicated that COVID19 is not a factor as the patients did not present with it after a PCR or Rapid Anitgen test.

The idea that the same new childhood disease is affecting Unrelated children in 18 countries spread across the globe is not likely. A commonality must exist. If the hepatic inflammation is related to the spike protein in the younger children how is it entering the body? Is it close proximity to a vaccinated individual? Is it from passing the spike protein through lactation in younger children? Is it from Apoptic resistant cells containing the C19 virus that remains in the system after an infection?

The medical establishment in the US has so far tangentially tied it to Adenovirus 41 but it has never been known to cause Hepatic inflammation in the past and they have not indicated a viral mutation of A41 that would make that plausible at this time.

It seems likely it is related to the Spike protein but the question is how? Especially in unvaccinated children and uninfected children. If it is the spike protein then shedding of the spike protein is a very real possibility and poses a significant problem for the world population.

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