I reached the same conclusion as you Walter. Cytoskeleton disruption inhibits neurotransmission in LC without killing the neurone.

Pathophysiology of "brain fog"


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Thank you Walter ... as I read this I think about all the abruptions and premature births ... poor placentas 🥲... ugggh . Think about these athletes hearts and dropping dead , didn’t have a chance. Damar Hamlin is a very blessed young man . The examples are endless!! You a real gem Walter . 🤗

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Truly brilliant observations and post, dear Walter! I especially love where you write,

"I believe this apparent ubiquitous ability of the Spike Protein to remodel the cytoskeleton may be one of the missing links in understanding the pathogenesis of the Spike Protein. If we examine the cytoskeleton and disease, we observe the entire panoply of conditions that can arise post COVID infection and Spike Protein exposure. This may also explain why the presentation is so heterogeneous. And why it is so unique to each individual."

This helps me better understand the ongoing muscle weakness I still have, almost 2 years after having become symptom and relapse free from longhaul covid. I see the difference in where I was pre-covid (pre-January 2020) and where I am now, and it's more than just being "out of shape," though of course that is also true. I am hoping to regain the muscular strength I had in 2019, when I was quite athletic, training in martial arts, and testing for my 3rd degree black belt. Now I have serious issues even doing some of the basic kicks, due to ligament and joint and muscle weakness that I likely wouldn't even notice, if I wasn't getting back into training with such a demanding athletic endeavor.

Thank you for constantly raising the bar with regard to what we can learn about what the C19 spike protein is capable of doing, so we have genuine hope for recovery.

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You’re amazing, Walter! Thank you again for your hard work in bringing truth to us.

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This may also explain the clots being pulled out of people. Not blood. Fibrin and metal based, aka remodeling of the vasculature.

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Homologous inserts:

HIV glycoprotein gp120 enhances mesenchymal stem cell migration by upregulating CXCR4 expression

...Results: Gp120 upregulated MSC CXCR4 expression. This potentiated the effects of SDF-1 in inducing chemotaxis; FAK/Paxillin and ERK pathways were over-activated, thereby facilitating actin stress fiber reorganization. CXCR4 blockage or depletion abrogated the observed effects.


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This is fantastic work Walter, I always look forward to your substack. The spike protein seems a nasty piece of work, unravelling it's many cellular effects, it seems something new (and tragic) is found each day... Of course this always makes me think beyond the disease itself, and the spike proteins now being produced cellularly by people who have had the vaccine... Dr Peter McCullough's substack today has noted that many long Covid sufferers are perhaps vaccine injured, as there are detectable differences between the vaccinal spike protein and the disease spike protein...

"after the infection that the S1 segment of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein is found within monocytes. Conversely if a vaccine has been received, both the S1 and the pathogenic S2 segment will be within the body."

"each occurrence of COVID-19 respiratory illness count in a cumulative exposure of SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein which drives the risk for cardiovascular, neurological, immune system, and hematological complications. Most of these emerge within 30 days of the most recent Spike protein exposure. Thus post-COVID syndromes are both a product of vaccination and the respiratory infection. Only careful epidemiologic and laboratory analysis will determine the relative contributions of these determinants to the occurrence, severity, and consequence of each long COVID syndrome."

Vaccine or disease, it appears the spike is going to be a problem as the disease is endemic now (cumulative exposure) and the vaccine may enhance the problem...

I wonder, whether the rapid mutation of the disease might lessen some of the nastier side effects from the original disease spike? Wishful thinking I'm sure....

Thanks for the excellent work you do Walter.

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In the Nature paper, they're still calling this a zoonotic disease, meaning it developed from a natural cross with another species. Feb 2023! "The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) likely emerged from a zoonotic transmission." Heads in the sand much?

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Excellent analysis! A recent report surveyed a group of high school coaches regarding their athletes pre-covid vax (2020) vs post vax (2022). All coaches reported their athletes were not where they should be or were sub-par in 2022. Just herard the high points not the details.

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Thank you and also thank the posters here, what a very knowledgeable group, it fills me with hope.

Granted as a lay person in this field, all I read leads me to the inevitable conclusion that this is a bioweapon. After having read an endless number of papers I do not see the necessary knowledge published leading to the guilty parties, who on earth could have so meticulously and precisely created such a silent killer without any substantial and obvious breadcrumbs?

The only conclusion I can reach is that covert military research is far ahead of civilian research and Walter and others are playing catchup to a substantial and long running program. Despite this it is clear that a healthy body, free of processed food, pharmaceuticals and additives is a substantial defence against anything they can throw at us.

For what it is worth, I have found 4g a day of 95% standardised curcumin restorative.

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Did you see this? A new glaucoma treatment has cured multiple people of long Covid. They had a drug called BC 007 that’s able to bind to and neutralize autoantibodies that attach to the G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs).


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Long Covid people missing two Cytokines.

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Speculative, but may be related: I read somewhere that Luc Montagnier (+ Nobel Prize 2008 Medicine) may have said that SARS-Cov2 used a different electrical polarity than other viruses. Which made him conclude that it was an artificial virus. The electrical polarity is created by the acid and base segments on the molecular structure. Is that the spike-protein molecule? And does that affect the cytoskeleton?

We know that hydroxychloroquine and other acidity changing medicine can change the workings of the virus.

A different relation: In some images, I saw viruses follow the microtubules of a cell. And microtubules are like bones of a cytoskeleton. So when these molecules (and viruses) stick to the microtubules, they may be able to remodel the cytoskeleton., Example: https://www.intechopen.com/chapters/49374

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Is there such a thing as “long covid?” Which would comprise a group of those who contracted covid and never received any subsequent covid vaccines. Does that group exist?

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