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WOW!!! This is amazing....connecting the dots. You are unique in accomplishing this. Superb.

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God is working through you Walter- God Bless you and God Speed. I believe it’s apparent that your gift from the ALMIGHTY is to fight for humanity!

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Yes. IMO, this is why "anxiety" is a top comorbidity for severe COVID19 cases (#2 behind morbid obesity).

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y and duration of repetitive magnetic stimulation affects catecholamine levels and tyrosine hydroxylase activity in human neuroblastoma cells: implication for the antidepressant effect of rTMS


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                                                     Walter Chesnut Interview  

      In case you missed it (as I did), here is a fascinating interview with Wondrous Walter. 

                                Walter M Chesnut - The Amygdala & Sudden Death     

  Start at circa 15 minutes.     



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Hey Walter, did you see this? Dec 18:


""Dying just before dawn"; the sudden and unexpected deaths we are seeing in young people are most likely from undiagnosed or asymptomatic vaccine-induced myocarditis; catecholamine surge!

50% or more of myocarditis cases are initially asymptomatic; young people don’t know they have myocarditis,”; scar forms, they don't know, then exert themselves, & heart stops (McCullough).

If you have not listened to Peter McCullough (a cardiologist who is board-certified in internal medicine and cardiovascular disease), you should. I think when this settles out, he will get a Nobel Prize for medicine, for his work on early treatment (I am proud to be part of his team on that) and his move and success in saving lives across this fraud pandemic.

Dying just before dawn is a new medical phenomenon, a devastating one, age-inappropriate death, unexplained, happening to people in good health ordinarily and in their sleep. We argue it is due to a catecholamine surge."

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I thought of Walter's view when I saw this on Pepe Escobar's Telegram account:


Circulating wildly on the Chinese net.

A business consultant, in a Ted-style talk, justifies the zero-Covid policy:

In 10 years the West will be brought to its knees by Long Covid, which will DECIMATE most of its labor force.

This means that the CPC MUST have this data - and working on it.

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This 17 year old girl here in Norway allegedly got Diabetes 1 from covid this spring. Must have been Omikron. I don't see them asking if she was stabbed, though. https://www.nrk.no/rogaland/rekordmange-barn-har-fatt-diabetes-1-i-ar-_-kan-ha-sammenheng-med-koronapandemien-1.16139720

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Can some mad scientist make this in their basement and sell cheap on the black market 😃


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@walter, you are the only one i consider mentally screwed enough (meaning: out of the "scientific box of consent") to understand and medically versed to find a solution (if there is one without crispr at all):

(sorry, i am not good at expressing my abstract thinking, not to mention my english, please ignore both, i just wanted to get the following out, maybe this way my enzyme defects can serve not just me - numbered the information in case of requests, to others apart from walter: please don't become biased or angered regarding my perception & layman evaluations - unless you suffer from parosmia ever since, this probably reads completely irrational/unscientific but as long as i simply follow or interpret correctly what i smell it is my most reliable/loyal guide in any circumstances and observing insects & lots of dogs confirms what i perceive)

1. according to my partly extreme hyperosmia: all individually allergenic proteins ("virus") cause blood thickening in the individual (especially when outright injected into the blood stream, but a mere prick test or mosquito can induce the shift as well) > increasing fermentation exhalation due to probably increasing brainstem blood stagnation

2. according to my lifelong parosmia concerning specific triggers: when the above "common" fermentation reaches a certain PERMANENT duration (about 9 months without pre-existing fermentation, maybe has to do with human pregnancy adaption) or SUDDEN INTENSITY (accident, trauma), the person switches (silent stroke?) & starts to exhale mirroring odors and from now on they are in sort of fatal/irreversible auto-immune condition (depending on which individual organ is weakest death comes within hours/heart or decades/muscles)

3. c19-infection: SLOW onset of fermentation exhalation like any other cold/flu, then symptoms add, peak and then both SLOWLY vanish, afterwards there is typically much clearer breath then before (c19 is a strong clearer, but not stronger than other flu waves i witnessed - in 2020 there were no extraordinary deaths in my village and interesting: bat-soup is a staple in china for a long life during their new years eve and traditionally lots of ethnicities/religions celebrate the new cycle with "infectious" feasts with subsequent fasting and a loss of taste & smell probably supports healing/updating(?) more efficiently)

4. c19-injection (but note: due to living withdrawn my observed group is not large): quite INSTANT strong onset of fermentation exhalation (similar to (pea)nut allergy or wasp stings) and almost simultaneously minor or major symptoms ("ruminant" scent types seem to be the most vulnerable), then symptoms vanish, but breath does NOT clear (fermentation remains on low level), each further booster repeats this "procedure" but increasing the basic fermentation level at the end, which leads individually faster or slower to the mirroring switch (some even noticed temporary parosmia!), considering the increasing mirror stench in our local groceries there is more fatality to expect in at least our region

5. hyperosmia & parosmia help me to avoid enzyme reducing food & hygiene-products/clothes/furniture/etc AND especially human exhalations (positioning against the blow, distancing or completely withdrawing), already in kindergarten i noticed that i smell much more than others but it took me past elementary school & chemistry lessons to realize why some people (not just the "evil" part of identical MIRROR twins) switch minty chewing gum into cumin exhalation just minutes after chewing. my 100% conviction: everybody with even just average olfaction could age HEALTHY up to 120 years by following where it guides them to minimize own fermentation (valid for long lasting mating & successful procreation as well)

ok, enough intro, now to my actual cognitive (absurd?) association (sort of synthesis of smell & further external information devoid of any medically valid background), that the jabbed suffer from something what equals decompression (!) sickness (before that i thought of a venom protein/"virus" from a snake or octopus, maybe mushroom or plant toxin irreversibly blocking receptors or channels, fatal with delayed antidot):

6. the "diver/aviator/mountaineer too fast accelerating" odor in those who entered their "deccelerating" state (exhaustion/fatigue - extreme fermenting & mirroring), 1 neighbour even expressed to me unusual euphoria & happiness before she died (nitrogen narcosis?)

7. commenters here report symptoms of decompression (i remember a commenter even speaking of "air bubbles" in his/her blood, being bloated - i associated it with "just" strong fermenting/thickening and the infamous blood clots), just look up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decompression_sickness#Signs_and_symptoms

8. your latest GABA conclusions - sherpas drink butter tea, a diving relative swears on cherry tomatoes, a jabbed & then immobile neighbour constantly ordered cream quark before death (often the body expresses astonishing instincts wanting to aid its survival like many prostate cancer patients craving cucumbers & pumpkins or the breast cancer affected suddenly dislike milk (i could go on to pregnant women and eating to them disgusting foods/items to support an unmatching pregnancy or common traits of people who share common preferences/dislikes)

9. my un-medical guess (thinking of the olfactory condition of gothic cliques back in school, worst fermenters, dark colored nails & lips neatly reflect their anaerobe internal condition): the jab pushes the receiver below the death zone of cranial abyss/underworld (the unconscious brainstem) and regularly there is no resurrection without timely help of decompression

10. me perceiving that the all unifying culprit of any disease is thick blood (the ancient old genesis of the 2 seeds and abrahamic hatred of the "thick-blooded" snake & other blood thickening animals & plants of "amaleks" livestock attacking the weak - not fair narrow/one-sided perspective by the way), i would like to make a proposal to "ruminating/manure" types (people who do not well with sugar, caution: for mostly "hindgut" fermenters this is worsening the condition): please try lime (caco3, start with maybe 1 shallow teaspoon in some water, not yet adding butter or anything else) and report (i browsed over ammonia/nitrogen/rh-factor & calcium channels, alcohol and something rang but i have zero medical education - hello walter, please step in, lime also gets used in rural india concerning snake bites --> ...???)

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