Bioweapon imo - there is no reason for prion like domains, or snake venom like sequences, or HIV, or any of the other pathogen bits in the chimeric spike if it was meant for benign reasons.

“In immune cells, NF-κB proteins regulate immune cell development, activation, survival, and cytokine production [200], [201]. NF-κB proteins are activated through stimulants such as cytokines, stress, free radicals, ultraviolet radiation,* and infections [200]. They play a central role in regulating immune response to infections. They are highly active in inflammatory diseases and control transcription of many genes involved in immune response and cytokine production [200], [201].” (Sarohan et al, 2021) https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0898656821002102?via%3Dihub#bb0085

*Hyperinflammation is hyperinflammation for whatever inflammatory reason.

Pomegranate peel promotes Nitric oxide.

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Sep 16, 2022Liked by Walter M Chesnut

Walter, the reduction in NO was a big clue that we were looking at UVB ionising radiation as -

UVB decreases NO

“UVB light suppresses nitric oxide production”


Whereas, UVA increases NO


UVB also causes Iron overload

“UV irradiation induces the accumulation of lipid peroxides and iron overload in skin damage.”


And once again the key feature in space was a dysfunction of the mitochondria.

“ Changes in mitochondrial homeostasis and redox status in astronauts following long stays in space”


NASA looked at using Boron to protect astronauts from the high energy radiation in space, because it is an excellent absorber of secondary neutrons.


Elevated CO2 also increases production of NO and causes vasodilation


Ditto Ozone!


Nitric oxide can also be increased by red light, as well as sauna and cold thermogenesis


I doubt it is just a coincidence that Solar Cycle 25 began in December 2019 and the weakening magnetosphere means the earth is now experiencing increasing solar flux/irradiation.


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Sep 16, 2022·edited Sep 17, 2022Liked by Walter M Chesnut

There is a paper from relatively early on in the pandemic from scientists studying in China who noted the high levels of ferritin in the patients. They hypothesized that what was being called ARDS was actually positively charged iron ions that were being freed following the virus binding with ACE2, which resulted in oxygen being unable to bind with hemoglobin. I have looked all over and can't seem to find the paper, but it ties with the hyperferritinemia observations here. Will update this comment if I can find the paper.

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Lacking a good grasp on almost all of the science frees my mind to imagine possible connections knowing science rules out. From my fuzzy grasp it sure feels like the hyperbaric oxygen therapy for long Covid wants to fit into these pieces & if it does you're the one to find it. First study to pop up.

Clin Med (Lond). 2021 Nov;21(6):e629-e632. doi: 10.7861/clinmed.2021-0462.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the treatment of long COVID: early evaluation of a highly promising intervention


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Isn’t the difference between calling this type of research either biodefense or bioweapeon research simply a difference between whether the one referring to it wants to support it or vilify it? I’m no expert but my understanding is that it is the exact same research but if it’s called biodefense research, they are meaning that they are doing the research for your safety but if they say another country is doing it, a country they are at odds with, they call it bioweapon research. This is what I took away from the US senate testimony about the biolabs in Ukraine.

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Wow, Walter. Curiouser and curiouser.... 🎩

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Fascinating hypothesis! This 2021 article (albeit on bone loss) reads “missions planned to Mars and the Moon are in early stages...these missions seek to establish more permanent habitation on orbital stations and potential planetary colonies which will require a surge of human participation.” A surge of human participation?! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7997973/#!po=0.574713

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Sep 16, 2022·edited Sep 16, 2022

Hits close to home for me. I am in the midst of trying to substantially boost my NO. It has not been easy. I have been supplementing L-arginine, L-Citrulline, beet root powder and Taurine. Mercola has material on "box breathing" that looks intriguing. What I read indicates NO is produced in part from reactions in mouth and nasal cavity. Does the saliva test for NO correlate to what is in the circulatory system? I am testing NO in the saliva which remains low, but I have no idea how that relates to what is available in the blood vessels and arteries.

Mercola also has a piece today on molecular hydrogen. The point being that oxidation, inflammation / antioxidation, anti-inflammation are all necessary functions and must be balanced.

And to mention Mercola for a THIRD time (sorry), he has featured Morley Robbins several times recently to discuss the necessary role of copper and retinol in the iron metabolism.

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Walter thank you for your research. It would be very interesting for you to have a discussion with Dr. Klinghardt (witzerland) about how covid reactivates inactive retroviruses inside of you and the role of aluminum. He is finding those with ‘long covid’ have high levels of heavy metals.

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> Is the Spike Protein a biodefense research project? A bioweapon? Or both?

OMG, it could be both! Let a bioweapon loose and let the general public try to find ways to deal with it to find solutions the DOD could not for whatever reason. We call this "Crowd sourcing".

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I've read until this:

>>>Apollo Lunar Astronauts Show Higher Cardiovascular Disease Mortality: Possible Deep Space Radiation Effects on the Vascular Endothelium

And full stop. There is no such a topic.

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Was this pathogen release an attempt to drive our species to select for genetic compatibility with interstellar travel?

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We have never been out of low earth orbit - NASA engineer admits it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4O5dPsu66Kw

Then there is American Moon - the most important documentary ever


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If it's a massive bio-research experiment, how do the unvaccinated escape this?

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Chris Masterjohn has written about iron in relation to long covid: https://chrismasterjohnphd.substack.com/p/iron-for-post-covid-hair-loss-and?utm_source=url&s=r

"Ferritin is a protein that sequesters iron. In the absence of higher-than-normal oxidative stress or inflammation, ferritin does indeed act as an indicator of iron status. This is because the primary role of ferritin under those conditions is to store iron for long-term use and prevent too much free iron running around and doing damage. However, under conditions of oxidative stress iron can do much more damage than normal, and under conditions of inflammation, the body worries that iron could feed pathogenic bacteria. Under either condition, we make more ferritin than normal. This leads us to sequester a greater proportion of iron, locking it up within ferritin, and preventing us from putting it to good use.

Inflammation-induced ferritin is the basis for anemia of chronic disease. In this type of anemia, ferritin is overproduced, iron is locked up, and the person is unable to use the iron to produce hemoglobin. Their hemoglobin levels drop, and they become anemic."

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Interesting that a few of days after you wrote this a couple of people on Twitter also mentioned radiation.

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